People want magic from technology;
things should just work.
We know that it takes true innovation to make the most advanced pieces of technology both effective and simple to use.
For years, innovators such as ourselves have been creating the Internet of Things - an advanced network of devices and services that reinvents how we will interact with the world around us. It is widely agreed that the ‘IoT’ will be of huge benefit to billions of people around the globe, but somehow it is yet to become a part of their lifestyle.

The Internet of Things faces challenges. Existing devices can be overly complicated, unreliable and will not work for long enough to be a smart, economical purchase.

We will bring forward a range of innovative products that acknowledges the current barriers, and simply, JustWorks™.

The Internet of ThingsThe IoT is made up of physical objects containing the technology to enable sensingand controlvia the Internet.

It is estimated that 99.4%of physical objectsare still unconnectedto the Internet, leaving huge room for growth

Connected WorldThe world can expect 50 billioninternet connected devices and 212 billionpotentially connectable smart devices by 2020

Net ProfitThis works out at $14.4trillion of value(net profit) up for grabs for enterprises globally within the next decade .


Suspicion surrounds the reliability of IoT products.

Ease of Use

“Smarter” usually means “more complicated”.

Battery Life

If it has a battery, it does not last long enough.


Difficult implementation.

We hold the key to unlocking the full potential of the IoT.