discrete wireless sensors for

Cold Storage Monitoring

Food retailers and suppliers can effectively manage compliance logging and reduce food waste by remotely monitoring storage temperature data. Smart sensor technology provides real-time data that eliminates the need for manual checks, which saves time, reduces costs, and helps in the early detection of equipment failure. 

The Cold Storage Monitoring solution comprises of Temperature Sensors with data backfill, Cloud Connector, and DT Studio.

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Our temperature sensors are tiny and discrete and won't interfere with product display. They offer up to 15 years of battery life in cold conditions for low cost-of-ownership. Zero-touch connectivity to the cloud and a long wireless range make them easy to deploy and ideal for large facilities.

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world-class sensors & iot infrastructure

A complete sensing solution.



Tiny 19x19x2.5mm, IP68-rated sensors you can stick anywhere with a battery lifetime of up to 15 years.

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Cloud connector

A plug & play gateway, securely relaying sensor data to the Cloud via Ethernet or 4G cellular technology.

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Complete fleet management tools and APIs for integrating sensor data into any platform or application. 

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Integrate sensor data into your own application and use our web-app Studio for simple analytics & fleet management.

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Sensor Starter Kit

Test out the world's smallest wireless sensors. Enjoy fast and easy integration. Create and test space occupancy solutions without worrying about hardware, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, manufacturing, certification, or logistics.

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Success Stories

Discover how our customers turn cold storage data into actionable insights and a clear ROI

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How The City Of Oslo Used Tiny Temperature Sensors To Ensure The Quality Of The Covid-19 Vaccines

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High-end catering and restaurant company increases efficiency and saves costs with tiny wireless sensors

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Infogrid helped NHS save 10,000 hours of nurse time in a year with Disruptive Technologies sensors

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