Zero-hassle sensors for

Property Damage Protection

Immediately detect water leakages and prevent expensive mold and water damage with water, temperature, and humidity sensors.

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Property Damage Protection



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Data for property damage protection in minutes

Tiny wireless sensors that fit anywhere. Low maintenance cost thanks to 15-year battery life. Robust, IP67 rated. 24/7 system monitoring, and accurate, reliable data. The lowest cost per insight on the market. End-to-end encrypted from the sensors to the Cloud.

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world-class sensors & iot infrastructure

A complete sensing solution.



Tiny 19x19x2.5mm, IP68-rated sensors you can stick anywhere with a battery lifetime of up to 15 years.

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Cloud connector

A plug & play gateway, securely relaying sensor data to the Cloud via Ethernet or 4G cellular technology.

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Complete fleet management tools and APIs for integrating sensor data into any platform or application. 

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Integrate sensor data into your own application and use our web-app Studio for simple analytics & fleet management.

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Sensor Starter Kit

Test out the world's smallest wireless sensors. Enjoy fast and easy integration. Create and test property damage protection solutions without worrying about hardware, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, manufacturing, certification, or logistics.

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Legacy Meets Technology: Saving Hundreds of Maintenance Hours at The Royal Opera House

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"Integral’s use of Infogrid’s cutting edge technology to assist in the maintenance of the building has not only resulted in reduced risk, but has added value by freeing up the Facilities Team to concentrate their efforts on maintaining other parts of the building." - A Royal Opera House Spokesperson

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