Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Use sensor data to ensure employees have the optimal indoor environment. Healthy, comfortable and safe spaces are productive and happy places.

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A healthier and more productive workplace.

Happy employees are productive employees. Improve employee wellbeing by optimizing your office space for occupancy, overall comfort and hygiene. Enhance transparency and make giving and receiving feedback easy and accessible.

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How sensors help.

Desk occupancy tiny
Make data-driven space allocation decisions

Temperature sensors under desks give insight on how people use space, so that space layout decisions are data-driven.

Take the guesswork out of cleaning

Sensors track how often spaces and restrooms are used, optimizing cleaning based on occupancy.

Control indoor comfort

Measure office temperature & humidity, get insights on heating and AC systems, and optimize the office's ambient temperature.

pipe monitoring for legionella compliance
Ensure water is healthy

Legionella grows in stagnant water and can lead to serious illness. Data from temperature sensors on water pipes automates compliance efforts and ensures water is free of legionella. 

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Make giving and receiving feedback easy

Customize the touch sensor to act as a feedback panel, service button or employee survey and receive a personalized message when the sensor is touched.

proximity sensor on door NIH (1)
Know when doors and windows are open or closed

Proximity sensors on doors and windows track how often they are being opened and closed, tracking room use.

Effortless data that works for you

Immediate remote overview of your office

Optimize the office's resources, increase workplace sustainability, productivity, and employee health & well-being. With data from sensor technology, almost all aspects of the office’s operations, maintenance, ambient conditions, and occupancy are optimized. All data can be viewed remotely and in real time. 

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Sharing our principles for high quality products and impeccable service, our partners have already built solutions with our tiny sensors and IoT infrastructure. Partner solutions can help with advanced analytics for more efficient and sustainable offices that enhance workplace health & well-being.

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Tangible gains

Partner-enabled case studies

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Why the world's smallest wireless sensors

Tiny size

Tiny size

At 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm, the tiny sensors can be placed exactly where you need them.

Simple installation

Simple installation

Simply peel the adhesive backing from the sensor and stick it anywhere.

15-year battery life

15-year battery life

Proprietary technology allows sensors to work for up to 15 years in the default configuration.

Security as a priority

Security as a priority

Triple A+ grade security from the sensors to cloud verified by third party security authority.

Wide sensor coverage

Wide sensor coverage

Versatile sensors make it possible to monitor many different areas within an operation.

Flexible integration

Flexible integration

Easily integrate into any existing data system or platform via webhooks or REST API.



We offer the lowest cost per insight on the IoT sensor market.

Designed for scale

Designed for scale

Scale from a few sensors to thousands with just one gateway.

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