Temperature Sensors Helped Hotel Save 36% in A/C Energy

Temperature Sensors Helped Hotel Save 36% in A/C Energy

Disruptive Technologies
13. May 2020 | 4 min read

Temperature Sensors Helped Hotel Save 36% in A/C Energy

Give your building a competitive edge with real-time ambient temperature monitoring. 

Room temperature is a common point of contention for those working in a commercial office environment. Facilities managers are swarmed 24/7 with thermal related complaints. In addition, equipment runs around the clock without supervision and is unaligned with occupancy times. This leads to intense overload and heating/cooling inefficiencies.

Our temperature sensor data provides facilities managers with a holistic view of all tenant environments. The 4D Monitoring’s profiling solution provides live room temperature readings, equipping site teams with the data they need to improve ambient conditions.

When temperatures deviate from a pre-agreed threshold, management teams can deploy real-time solutions, decreasing tenant disputes and increasing overall productivity.

This minimizes tenant complaints, increases worker productivity and well-being, reduces unnecessary investigative engineer call outs, and saves energy.

"4D Monitoring has the potential to revolutionise the way property management is delivered by enhancing supplier engagement, cost savings, tenants’ wellbeing and reducing the environmental impact of commercial buildings’ energy usage on a large scale. The level of detail being obtained has proved to be a revelation. This has led to a three-phase approach: identify quick wins, optimise the way the plant is used, and then maintain that level of performance."

- Matt Livesey, Director of Property Management, Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH).


Immediately Know When Your Tenants Are Too Hot/Cold and Adjust Ambient Temperatures Accordingly

Secondary air conditioning systems are a common feature of modern commercial offices. These systems are not always controlled by the Building Management System, thus monitoring the central plant does not highlight operational issues.

Without accessible structured data, your site management teams will be forced to put out fires as they arise by responding to tenant disputes and complaints.

"Disruptive Technologies sensors decrease unnecessary call-outs by 25%."

- Barry Jones, Operations Director, 4D Monitoring

Get Insights About When Your Tenants Are Out of the Office and Save Energy On Air Conditioning.

By tracking ambient temperature in rooms, 4D Monitoring’s profiling solution can help you establish whether your systems are operating out-of-line with an individual tenant’s occupancy hours.

Equipped with these insights, your site management teams can collaborate with tenants to ensure air conditioning is shut down correctly, optimizing room temperature according to occupancy times and saving thousands of dollars in the process.

"With the adoption of Disruptive Technologies sensors, you can save up to 36% in air condition energy."

- Barry Jones, Operations Director, 4D Monitoring

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How to Use It

You can install ambient temperature sensors in any office in your building by simply placing them on walls or windowsills. The sensors automatically connect through Cloud Connectors without the need for any external configurations. All room temperature insights can be presented through 4D Monitoring via open APIs.

Why Disruptive Sensors

Sensors used to be bulky, complex and often inaccurate. We've completely rethought sensor design to enable data collection anywhere and everywhere. There's no need to "rip and replace" legacy systems to turn them into "smart" equipment.

  • Mini-sensors are the size of a postage stamp
  • Low power consumption means long battery life
  • Robust construction
  • Cost efficient
  • Direct connections provide maximum accuracy
  • Proactive insights to engineering teams to resolve air conditioning related issues
  • Industrial-grade connectivity and built-in redundancy
  • Supports next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) networks
  • Reduction in call outs and tenant complaints
  • End-to-end security built into the design
  • Extensible platform to integrate into your systems
  • Energy savings due to air conditioning optimization with occupancy times.

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