Popular Gelato Shop Saving $60K in Food with Sensor Technology

Popular Gelato Shop Saving $60K in Food with Sensor Technology

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14. Sep 2020 | 7 min read

Popular Gelato Shop Saving $60K in Food with Sensor Technology

Sval Gelato and Coffee is a small establishment in Kristiansand, Norway. It is beloved, not only for its delicious gelato but also for its coffee, cookies, and sandwiches.

Like most restaurants, Sval must adhere to regulations that require careful storage and preservation of food. These regulations require monitoring the temperature of each cold storage unit and entering the information into a log.

In the past, Sval’s staff members observed and logged the data manually. Maintaining a constant, cool temperature is essential for consumers' health and safety, preserving food safely and counteracting the growth of microorganisms. And for a gelato business, maintaining temperatures in cold storage is essential for success.

Faulty equipment or human error can negatively impact food storage

However, manual monitoring of the temperature in cold storage units day and night was not possible. This quickly became a problem for Sval.

Deep freezers and cold storage units usually do not break in an instant. They deteriorate slowly, which can result in spoiled food before anyone is aware of the problem. Damage can happen when equipment is working properly. The temperature can rise to a critical level by accident. An employee may have left a door ajar. Or, someone may have bumped into the power button, thus turning it off.

With manual monitoring, you not only need to be good, but you need to be lucky. An unnoticed equipment failure or human error can cost you the contents of your freezer, resulting in wasted labor and thousands of dollars lost in raw materials.

At Sval, despite devotion to monitoring temperatures, management could not observe changes outside of business hours. Whether because of equipment failure or human mistakes, temperature changes occurred several times. Because these temperatures changes went unnoticed, the coffee shop had to throw out food, which resulted in a loss in sales and unnecessary food waste.

The owners of Sval decided they needed to find an innovative solution to ensure this waste never happened again.

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Innovative automatic temperature monitoring with Tmesh-log reduced inefficiencies.

Fortunately, they found an affordable answer. To increase efficiency, reduce losses, and eliminate the manual routine for reading temperatures in cold storage units, the owners of Sval decided to install Tmesh-log.

Tmesh-log is a smart solution for temperature measurement. It uses new sensor technology to automatically report and log temperature readings. With continuous monitoring of temperatures, employees can spend less time on manual work and more on core business functions.

At Sval, the solution required placing sensors in cold storage units and connecting them to the cloud. Tmesh-log monitored the units, making sure they were within the right temperature range.

Managers could use the Tmesh app to see the temperatures at any time. They had access to report deviations and could look at historical data. When the Food Safety Authority visited, they could present daily reports and show how they handled temperature changes.

Setup at Sval took no more than a few minutes. Because sensor batteries last more than a decade, the team could be sure they would not need to replace them for a long time. Managers found the data accurate and appreciated that the sensors' high-quality signal was independent of the coffee shop's internet connection.

Because of Tmesh-log and the innovative sensor technology, management and employees at Sval found four significant temperature changes within two months of implementation and intervened to prevent major losses. Each incident would have cost the small coffee shop 20,000 NOK (approximately 2,300 USD) in food waste and would have had a significant impact on sales. This equates to nearly 60,000 USD a year in savings.

"We at Sval have chosen Tmesh for automatic temperature logging. The system has saved our homemade gelato several times. Tmesh is easy to use and works great."

Nora Pedersen / Owner and general manager, Sval.


Automated monitoring allows a business to focus on creating great food, satisfying customers and complying with regulations

Because the managers and employees at Sval found a reliable response to their issues monitoring cold storage units, they could focus on their true passion: creating great food. Tmesh was the cost-efficient solution, which they had been looking for.

With little technical knowledge necessary to use the solution, the team found it effortless to use and a valuable resource to preserve their delicious gelato.

Why Disruptive Technologies Sensors

Sensors used to be bulky, complex and often inaccurate. We've completely rethought sensor design to enable data collection anywhere and everywhere. There's no need to "rip and replace" legacy systems to turn them into "smart" equipment.

  • Mini-sensors are the size of a postage stamp
  • Low power consumption means long battery life
  • Robust construction
  • Cost-efficient
  • Direct connections provide maximum accuracy
  • Proactive insights to resolve temperature issues
  • Industrial-grade connectivity and built-in redundancy
  • Supports next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) networks
  • Reduction of manual temperature measurements
  • End-to-end security built into the design
  • Extensible platform to integrate into your systems
  • Energy savings due to due to temperature optimization

Learn more about how sensor technology can improve efficiency and reduce waste in your restaurant or store. 

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