Build a Skillset For the Future with Disruptive's Developer Kit

Build a Skillset For the Future with Disruptive's Developer Kit

Erlend Hestnes
27. May 2020 | 4 min read

Build a Skillset For the Future with Disruptive's Developer Kit

The IoT field is still in its infancy but is rapidly expanding. In a market that’s growing by 25% every year, hands-on IoT skills are essential. 

It takes a whole army of developers to build, deploy, and maintain smart products. Consumers are queuing up for the next big thing and companies are escalating the adoption of smart technology. 

The bottom line:

The next generation of developers must be IoT savvy. And you can start developing and practicing your skills right now.

Smart sensors that collect data are the foundation of any IoT product you can dream up. 

When you’re ready to build the next IoT product, you can turn to Github or StackOverflow for coding ideas. You might also set up an AWS platform to test and deploy. 

But where do you go to bring an idea to life when it comes to smart hardware?  Smart sensors help you create IoT solutions for a connected home, office, or industrial market. 

Want to help machinery self-monitor repairs or check thermostat accuracy? You need to know how to collect and analyze sensor data.

If you’re new to IoT, a great place to start is a basic Developer Kit. It lets you experiment with building connected products that rely on sensor data. You can begin to test and learn about how sensor-backed IoT technology works at any time. You only need a few sensors, cloud connectivity, and a dashboard that visualizes data.

Check out our developer kit

You don’t need to have a complete product idea to put a Developer Kit to use. 

You can start experimenting with real-life IoT applications by solving problems in your own home. 

Ever wonder if you’ve left the garage or patio door open? A proximity sensor on the door could check and let you know. Or, you could attach a temperature sensor inside a refrigerator to see if the conditions are what you expect. 

The cool thing about sensor-based IoT is that you can turn any “dumb” hardware asset into a “smart” one by simply applying a sensor. With a Developer Kit, you can see sensor output and analyze the results.

A starter sensing kit that includes an API will also allow you to flex your software development skills. You can see how sensor data can connect to other applications and trigger actions.

Perhaps you want to develop an alerting system that sends a text when temperatures increase. Or you want to create a program to kick off a workflow in a separate application. 

The possibilities are only bound by your imagination and skills.

Once you get your feet wet with sensor technology, you will feel more confident in creating a product development plan.

As you define a specific application and market need for your IoT project, you’ll want to select the type of sensor that will help you scale.

You'll need different sensors for different types of projects. We have already outlined some of the variables that will impact your decision, including:

  • the locations where you’ll place sensors
  • the range and battery life you’ll require
  • and the expected frequency of data checks.

See what you can do with Disruptive’s Developer Kit.

It doesn't matter whether you end up helping your company launch a product or creating your own. Building an IoT product is an exciting journey from prototype to production. Along the way, you get to do a lot of problem-solving and often find answers that you didn’t expect.

The Developer Kit includes everything you need to get started:

Disruptive’s Developer Kit is currently available in our shop for all European customers. 

Try it out and let us know what creative ideas you come up with!

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Erlend Hestnes

Erlend Hestnes

Erlend has been with Disruptive since 2016 as an Application Engineer. He has a diverse background in both embedded hardware and firmware development. He is a creative-minded soul that likes to tinker with ideas and turn them into tangible products everyone can benefit from.

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