Disruptive Technologies is Changing the Future of IoT Sustainability

Disruptive Technologies is Changing the Future of IoT Sustainability

Bengt Johannes Lundberg
18. Aug 2020 | 7 min read

Disruptive Technologies is Changing the Future of IoT Sustainability

In 2013, we saw a promising IoT industry full of opportunities overflown with privacy and environmental concerns. We decided it was time for disruptive IoT sensor technology with sustainability at its forefront. We developed a sensor solution that kept that initial promise. And we have been committed to delivering sustainability across our solutions ever since.

Sustainable Sensor Offering

At 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm, Disruptive Technologies sensors are the smallest in the world. They operate through wireless technology, are easily installed with industry-grade adhesive and have an operating battery life of up to 15-years. Their tiny size and long life ensure a minimum amount of waste in an IoT space that is already committed to digitization that brings sustainable benefits.

Disruptive Technologies sensors turn any asset into a smart device. Our customers don’t need to rip and replace legacy systems to get insights. Without the need to discard equipment, our sensors eliminate the e-waste that comes from discarding old technology to make way for smarter upgrades. We offer painless, sustainable smart solutions.

Sustainable Solutions

Disruptive Technologies sensors collect and monitor data at any time and place, delivering insights from everywhere to anywhere. They enable efficient resource allocation and provide data that encourages behavior change and drives operational efficiencies.

Here’s how we help decrease our customers’ carbon footprint and promote sustainability through each of our solutions.

Smart Buildings & Facilities Management

Our sensors allow for a full overview of buildings and assets through remote monitoring. By tracking assets and monitoring water, temperature and humidity, our sensor solution delivers data alerts before problems occur. Our customers can fix problems before they are critical and easily extend the life of their infrastructure, reducing waste in the process. By automating, tracking and analyzing their assets, our customers ensure tenants can make changes to their space to be more efficient and sustainable.

Full visibility into temperature, occupancy, open doors and windows, building use and water waste can quickly optimize energy use. Minor behavioral and operational changes make buildings more sustainable. By installing Disruptive Technologies sensors, our customers have saved:


Smart Workplace

On a typical day in the office, desks are in use only 47% of the time while meeting room utilization tracks between 50-60%. By using Disruptive Technologies sensors to track occupancy, employers and office managers can understand employee working styles to accurately measure and allocate space capacity. That often leads to downsizing and better space allocation, which can shrink an office’s carbon footprint by 30%.

Insights into how people use the office or how frequently doors are opened and closed in restrooms also determine when and if cleaning is needed. This allows the cleaning staff to optimize their service, reducing the waste of cleaning supplies, which usually come in plastic containers and are difficult to recycle.


Smart Manufacturing & Warehousing

Our sensors quickly turn facilities into smart factories and warehouses, without the need to upgrade or replace systems that are already in place. Installing most types of smart devices in factories would otherwise require the disposal of a large amount of unrecyclable scrap metal and equipment.

Once our sensors are retrofit, they identify issues before they cause problems. On-site teams can react quickly to rebalance or replace at-risk assets, reducing breakdowns by 70% and lowering maintenance costs by 25%. The breakdown of a critical machine with the lack of needed spare parts not only costs a fortune but can also lead to the production of more waste. Through DT-enabled predictive maintenance, our customers contribute to a more favorable bottom line and more sustainable manufacturing and warehousing operations.


Smart Cold Storage

Food waste is a big hiccup for sustainable development. Spoiled food is unsafe for customers and highly wasteful and expensive for grocery stores. With our temperature sensors, grocery stores and restaurants get alerts if refrigeration units are not working as they should or if there are unwanted temperature changes.

This remote monitoring not only leads to higher asset lifetime and energy efficiency (by 8% for 1-degree Celsius change in temperature) but also helps avoid the waste of as much as $30,000 in food stock. Our customers have installed sensors in supermarket shelf shutters, chiller room doors and refrigeration units. They have prevented overnight energy loss and reduced food waste.


Smart Substations

Power grids can also become more sustainable with the help of Disruptive Technologies. Our tiny wireless sensors attach onto cables, pipes, high voltage fuses and any difficult-to-reach places with small surface areas, instantly modernizing the power grid. Once our customers have full visibility into the power grid and asset status, they can quickly optimize their energy use and increase the lifetime of their assets.


Commitment to Privacy

One of the biggest challenges in IoT adoption is privacy and security. Disruptive Technologies has prioritized security and privacy throughout every part of the design and development of our sensing solution, including chip design, sensor design, radio protocol design, cloud services and APIs.

We are committed to making sure customers enjoy simple installation, streamlined operation and low maintenance cost. Security and privacy architecture and controls in DT’s sensing solution are designed to enhance productivity, not slow our customers down.

With a fully secured system customers can focus on using data to meet their business goals and not worry about unintentional data access.

Read more about Security and Privacy in Disruptive Technologies.


Many IoT companies are being founded on the principles of efficiency and sustainability. However, it’s hard to say how many are adhering to these values through their entire operations and practice. We are confident that we are doing our part.

Our sensor solution is designed with sustainability as its core value. And we see the best results when we collaborate with others through innovation. Through our work with customers and partners, we are discovering more ways to be sustainable. And we are committed to continuing to share them with others.

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Bengt Johannes Lundberg

Bengt Johannes Lundberg

Bengt is the CEO of Disruptive Technologies. He holds an Engineering degree from Vestfold University College. Bengt has more than 16 years of international operations experience within the supply chain management, manufacturing and telecom industries. He also has a decade-long experience with international team leadership, building cross-cultural, high-performing teams. Outside of work, you can find Bengt cooking for friends, boating or relaxing in his mountain cabin.

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