Global Restaurant Chain Immediately Saved £1.25M with Sensor Technology

Global Restaurant Chain Immediately Saved £1.25M with Sensor Technology

Pippa Boothman
18. Nov 2020 | 3 min read

Global Restaurant Chain Immediately Saved £1.25M with Sensor Technology

Due to the COVID-19 lock-down, a global restaurant chain in the UK (ca. 100 locations) was facing a cold monitoring problem: How to monitor daily freezers as per UK regulations when employees are not on location?

The risk was to compromise more than £1.25 million in food stock, generating a financial and environmental disaster. Without a possibility to remotely monitor the temperature in each freezer and to act accordingly if necessary, the global chain would not have been able to ensure that the food stayed at a correct and safe temperature after reopening, leaving them no choice but to throw away their entire inventory.

A Sensor-Based Remote Monitoring Solution = A Quick Response to Extraordinary Circumstances

In a few days, our customer needed a solution that:

  • Allowed them to remotely monitor the temperature in each of their 100 freezers all across the UK, in real-time, 24/7.
  • Offered the possibility to send alerts directly to the regional manager if any malfunctions were detected
  • They can install very easily and quickly, with no technical skills required

Within three days, the Infogrid cold storage solution powered by Disruptive Technologies was implemented in all locations. Then, when needed, alerts allowed their staff to move food to a functioning freezer or to fix malfunctioning ones. As a result, ensuring the correct storage, more than £1.25 million in food inventory was saved. That amounts to cost savings of 4,462.04%.

In addition, thanks to the 24/7 monitoring system (compared to the daily physical monitoring), eight freezers have been identified as not operating within the expected parameters and temperature incidents have been detected on five others.

Crisis averted thanks to Infogrid. I was so impressed at the speed and ease at which we were able to install sensors across every site and start collecting data. Not only did it save £1.25m of food stock, but it also helped us to manage our sites remotely during lockdown, and automatically alerted us about multiple faults with our freezers."
Safety and Risk Manager, Global Restaurant Chain


Why Disruptive Technologies Sensors

Sensors used to be bulky, complex, and often inaccurate. We've completely rethought sensor design to enable data collection anywhere and everywhere.

There's no need to "rip and replace" legacy systems to turn them into "smart" equipment.

  • Mini-sensors are the size of a postage stamp
  • Low power consumption means long battery life
  • Robust construction
  • Cost-efficient
  • Direct connections provide maximum accuracy
  • Proactive insights to resolve temperature issues
  • Industrial-grade connectivity and built-in redundancy
  • Supports next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) networks
  • Reduction of manual temperature measurements
  • End-to-end security built into the design
  • Extensible platform to integrate into your systems
  • Energy savings due to due to temperature optimization.

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