Introducing Sensor QR Codes

Introducing Sensor QR Codes

Julian Veisdal
18. Feb 2021 | 3 min read

Introducing Sensor QR Codes

Today, Disruptive Technologies is excited to introduce QR codes as a standard print on all available sensor types. When we officially launched the product in 2019, the only way to identify sensors was to use the Touch Identify  feature - which allows users to identify sensors by touching them. As our customer installations continue to grow in size and complexity, we are introducing QR-codes to add flexibility and make it easier for customers to scale their solutions. 

How Do Sensor QR Codes Work?

The QR code is a Model 2 type QR code and contains the sensor ID. When scanned with the camera app on any smartphone, the device ID will appear in plain text, e.g. “c02mf9luvn3g000dgm00”. Later this year, we will introduce QR-code support in Studio so that users will be able to scan QR codes directly in the web app. 

We decided to make the QR code represent the ID of the sensor instead of a URL that links to the Studio sensor page so that it would be easier for our partners to take advantage of the QR code and integrate scanning and identification directly in their apps. This also makes it easier to use our sensors with existing asset management apps that already have support for QR-codes. As for identifying the sensor type, we are adding a text label above the QR code that clearly states the sensor type. 

The Touch Identify feature will still be available and this product update will not break any existing API integrations or installation routines. It is simply a viable alternative for sensor identification.

QR code Sensors Overview

Why Sensor QR Codes?

As our customer installations grew, we started printing the sensor ID on the sensors to make installing sensors without an active cloud connection easier. However, this did not necessarily make the installations easier because it required the user to take a picture or write down the ID of the sensor which can be tedious and error-prone. 

For some customers, it is not easy to touch sensors during installation - this is especially true for industrial customers that install sensors in high-voltage environments like primary and secondary substations.

We always strive to make installations easier and see one of our core value propositions as to how easy it is for anyone to install sensors without any training. We strongly believe adding QR codes is the way forward and have a lot of exciting ideas about how we can build more features around them to make installations even easier in the future. 

What if I still want icons on my sensors? 

QR codes will become the new default option on all sensor types*, but we will still offer to deliver sensors with icons for volume orders. Please contact our sales team for more information. 

*Except for Tactile Touch sensors which currently do not have any graphics printed on them.

Julian Veisdal

Julian Veisdal

Julian is the VP of Product at Disruptive Technologies. He studied Electrical Engineering at NTNU. Julian was the co-founder and CEO of Moon Labs, a medical device IoT company until its acquisition. Before founding Moon Labs, Julian worked as a hardware and software consultant for various industries, ranging from space technology to electric vehicles. He enjoys building things, reading, and riding skateboards.

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