Introducing the Sensor Starter Kit

Introducing the Sensor Starter Kit

Julian Veisdal
11. Jul 2021 | 3 min read

Introducing the Sensor Starter Kit

Since 2018, when we started piloting our sensor solution with selected partners, we have strived to make our sensor solution more available. In 2019, we released the sensors for general availability to businesses in Europe, and in 2020 we brought our products to the US and Canada. Today, we are making it easier for anyone to get started using our IoT sensors, including private individuals, by introducing a new Sensor Starter Kit.

While scaling up our business, we have only been able to sell to other companies in volume quantities. However, over the last couple of years, we have received a lot of feedback from startups, developers, hobbyists, and technology enthusiasts who want us to lower the barrier to entry for our sensors and IoT infrastructure. That is why we are launching the Sensor Starter Kit. We hope to fuel the development of new sensor solutions that will contribute to a more connected, efficient, and sustainable world.

What does the Sensor Starter Kit include?


The new Sensor Start Kit includes one of each of our core wireless sensors and a 4G/LTE Cloud Connector with a pre-installed sim-card providing ubiquitous out-of-the-box cellular connectivity. 

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Touch Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Water Detector Sensor

The kit includes a 1-year subscription*, detailed developer documentation & API access, and Studio - our web app. It is designed to be the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to evaluate our sensor solution in its entirety. Simply peel & stick sensors where you need them, power up the Cloud Connector, and experience how sensor data streams seamlessly to the Cloud. 

New customers will be able to evaluate all the different sensor types in Studio, set up dashboards, and configure notifications. Developers can set up integrations into their own apps or other systems by using webhooks or our REST API, without any commissioning or pairing required. We want people to experience that they can create and ship scalable IoT solutions without worrying about hardware development, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, manufacturing, certification, or logistics.


Adding more sensors to your solution also becomes easier

We also wanted to offer customers the opportunity to expand their Sensor Starter Kits with additional sensors without placing bulk orders. Therefore, we are also making single sensor orders available in our webshop! 

Adding additional sensors requires no configuration or pairing, thanks to SecureDataShot™ and our security model that allows wireless sensors to roam freely between Cloud Connectors. 

The kit can be ordered from our webshop and includes taxes and free shipping within Europe, the US, and Canada. Once you are ready to scale up or become a DT partner, you can contact sales for volume pricing. 


*After the first year, Sensors and Cloud Connectors require an active subscription to continue working. Subscriptions can be renewed using Studio. 

Julian Veisdal

Julian Veisdal

Julian is the VP of Product at Disruptive Technologies. He studied Electrical Engineering at NTNU. Julian was the co-founder and CEO of Moon Labs, a medical device IoT company until its acquisition. Before founding Moon Labs, Julian worked as a hardware and software consultant for various industries, ranging from space technology to electric vehicles. He enjoys building things, reading, and riding skateboards.

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