The latest in smart buildings & IoT.

Sep 21, 2023

Top 5 Features of Our Gateway, the Cloud Connector

The Disruptive Technologies Cloud Connector is the gateway that relays data from our wireless sensors to the..

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Sep 20, 2023

Grosvenor Group Optimizes Energy Consumption In West End Estates

When Grosvenor Group needed to optimize energy consumption and improve sustainability in their London..

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Sep 07, 2023

Understanding Workplace Usage Without Compromising Employee Privacy

Collecting data about how we use offices gives employers a starting point for understanding how to make the..

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Sep 06, 2023

How Tiny Wireless Sensors Support Art Preservation in Museums

Museums are responsible for preserving unique and priceless art for coming generations. Preserving an old..

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Aug 04, 2023

Transforming Older Buildings Into Smart Spaces With IoT

In an era where technology is rapidly advancing, older buildings often need help keeping up with the demands..

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Jul 31, 2023

15-Year Battery Life and The Impact on Cost of Ownership

One of the features we are most proud of in our sensors is their longevity. When used correctly, these tiny,..

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Jul 20, 2023

The ROI of Wireless Temperature Sensors

Last week, we introduced our newest temperature sensor, offering even better accuracy, reliability, and..

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Jul 18, 2023

Disruptive Technologies Now Available in South Africa

We are excited to announce that we are taking our best-in-class sensors to the South African market in a..

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Jul 12, 2023

NYC Apartment Building Saves $40K Annually with HVAC Monitoring

201 East 79th Street is a high-rise building in New York from the sixties. Following a major upgrade project,..

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Jul 11, 2023

Wireless Temperature Sensor Sets the Standard for Cold Storage Monitoring

Disruptive Technologies is proud to announce the release of our new Wireless Temperature Sensor. With an..

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