The ROI of Wireless Temperature Sensors

The ROI of Wireless Temperature Sensors

Leona Leslie
20. Jul 2023 | 5 min read

The ROI of Wireless Temperature Sensors


Last week, we introduced our newest temperature sensor, offering even better accuracy, reliability, and battery life. In this new article, we talk about how these tiny sensors help different industries achieve a fast return on investment.

Cold Storage Monitoring: Prevent Loss and Reduce Labor Costs


By using Wireless Temperature Sensors in cold storage facilities, businesses eliminate manual temperature checks and prevent spoilage incidents, leading to substantial cost savings. For example, food retailers and catering companies using the sensor can identify real-time temperature fluctuations, enabling swift corrective actions to prevent spoilage. They can recoup their investment and achieve a significant ROI by avoiding even a single spoilage incident.


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HVAC Control: Energy Cost Savings 


Our Wireless Temperature Sensor empowers industries to reduce energy consumption and lower associated costs. Consider a commercial building that uses temperature data to optimize its heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. By analyzing usage and adjusting temperature settings accordingly, the building can reduce energy consumption during periods of low occupancy, resulting in significant energy cost savings and a rapid ROI. 

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Environmental Monitoring: Prevent Damage and Deterioration


Industries relying on critical environments, such as laboratories, data centers, or museums, can use our Wireless Temperature Sensor to avoid asset breakdown or deterioration. For instance, a pharmaceutical company using the sensor can monitor the temperature of sensitive equipment and receive alerts when deviations occur. This proactive approach prevents costly equipment damage and ensures uninterrupted operations, leading to substantial ROI through increased equipment lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.


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The new Wireless Temperature Sensor from Disruptive Technologies enhances ROI further and provides a total cost of ownership significantly lower than other technologies. With a battery life of up to 15 years, maintained accuracy over time, and little to no maintenance requirements, businesses experience the benefits long after the initial cost of investment has paid back.



Leona Leslie

Leona Leslie

Leona is the VP of Marketing at Disruptive Technologies. She has more than 15 years of experience working in B2B marketing of technical solutions. Leona loves getting into the head of customers to try to understand the "need behind the need" and taking a value selling approach towards marketing and sales. Outside work, she spends as much time as she can in France and Italy, drawn to the people, languages, culture, and food.

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