The Secret Ingredient to Ensuring Food Quality and Safety

The Secret Ingredient to Ensuring Food Quality and Safety

Leona Leslie
11. Oct 2023 | 6 min read

The Secret Ingredient to Ensuring Food Quality and Safety

Mikiel Arnold is the entrepreneur and chef behind The Freakin Incan, a bustling Peruvian restaurant in Roswell, Georgia. A self-proclaimed lover of technology, Mikiel recently implemented a remote temperature monitoring system from Disruptive Technologies to ensure that the food served in his restaurant is kept at optimal temperatures for freshness and safety. A few months after we equipped his fridges and freezers with our tiny wireless sensors, I met up with him to find out how he uses the data and the benefits it has brought to his business.


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Loss Prevention

Mikiel has built his restaurant business driven by a passion for the vibrant flavors of Peru and a desire to create a unique dining experience for customers. His online reviews are excellent, with diners commenting on the quality of the food and attention to detail.

But business owners who carry inventory with a short shelf life don't always sleep well at night: if the cooling system in his walk-in cooler failed undetected while the restaurant was closed, he could lose around $3,000 worth of inventory. 

The Disruptive Technologies sensors provide him with peace of mind. If the temperature of a fridge or freezer rises, an automatic alert warns Mikiel and his team of the risk to inventory in real-time so they can take action before food is spoiled.

If a breakdown were to go undetected, it is not only the cost of inventory that would have to be covered. Food preparation takes place well before a busy meal-time shift, and if all of that food were lost, the work would have to be done over again.

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Ensuring Food Safety

Continuous temperature monitoring also ensures compliance with food safety regulations. The Department of Public Health governs restaurants in Georgia and issues strict instructions on maintaining food safety. During inspections, Mikiel now has access to a complete history of refrigeration temperatures.

If there was a customer complaint, for example, if a customer registered a case of food poisoning, Mikiel could quickly provide the data logs to prove that the food served had been adequately chilled during storage.


Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

With the ability to access real-time temperature data from all fridges and freezers, Mikiel now has precise control over the storage conditions of his ingredients. He keeps the dashboard open on his desktop and regularly checks for fluctuations.

However, the main concern is that if something changes outside of work hours, that's when the automatic alerts become so important.

When I asked him specifically what he liked about the technology, he replied:

"It's just so easy to use. The dashboard is intuitive, and I could easily set up alerts and notifications. Because the sensors and their subscription are very affordable, we could say let's try it and see how it goes." 

With remote temperature monitoring of fridges and freezers, The Freakin Incan is protected from the risk of food loss and quality deterioration. Mikiel can be sure that the ingredients he uses to prepare delicious Peruvian dishes for his customers are fresh and compliant with health and safety standards, protecting his diners and his brand. 

We were delighted to hear how well things are going at The Freakin Incan. When we can help our customers sleep well at night, we at Disruptive Technologies sleep a little better, too.


Disruptive Technologies Cold Storage Monitoring Solution

The Disruptive Technologies Cold Storage Monitoring Solution is a wireless sensor and cloud-based system that allows food retail businesses to access real-time temperature data through automated monitoring of the freezers and refrigerated units.


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Leona Leslie

Leona Leslie

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