Three-Year Data Storage for Easy Access and Analysis

Three-Year Data Storage for Easy Access and Analysis

Shriya Dash
19. Oct 2023 | 5 min read

Three-Year Data Storage for Easy Access and Analysis


Disruptive Technologies is pleased to announce our new Extended Data Storage feature, which allows customers to store data from our sensors in DT Cloud for up to three years.


Why Do I Need Extended Data Storage?


Extended Data Storage 1-1


Easy access to historical data provides several benefits.

It allows businesses to perform deeper data analyses to discover patterns and trends over time. It brings even more insight into decision-making processes, helping companies to make data-driven choices that are easier to justify and implement.

In industries where data logging is a regulatory complaint, short-term storage of data often isn't enough, and access to data records from a longer time period is a requirement.

It can be expensive and complicated for businesses to set up data storage. And so, when longer data storage is needed, we can do this for you in an easy, cost-effective way.


How Extended Data Storage Is Used: Real-life Examples


1. Logging Temperature Data of Cold Storage Equipment


Logging Temp Data of Cold Storage Equipment

Temperature Data of Cold Storage Equipment


Food and healthcare companies must log cold storage equipment temperature records for regulatory compliance. By offering data storage for up to three years, we help them simplify the regulatory reporting process.


2. Understanding Occupancy Data Over Time


Understanding Occupancy Data Over Time

Workplace Occupancy Data in Studio


By understanding workplace usage over an extended period, businesses can make better predictions and measure the impact of initiatives to optimize workplace and building layouts more comprehensively.


3. Simplified Data Integration for Partners

Few lines of code for simplified data integration

Few Lines of Code for Simplified Data Integration


Solution providers use data from our sensors to create solutions for workplace management, food safety, and building automation. By reducing the need to implement and maintain long-term data storage for our devices, our partners can focus on delivering end-user value without managing extensive data storage.


Bottom Line

At Disruptive Technologies, we constantly work to enhance our products and features to deliver an exceptional user experience. Our Extended Data Storage feature offers easy access to sensor data for up to three years via our cloud-based platform. It removes cost and effort for our customers while ensuring they get maximum benefit from the data we provide.


Shriya Dash

Shriya Dash

Shriya is the Product Marketing Manager at Disruptive Technologies. She holds a Master’s in Marketing and has 8+ years of experience working for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Shriya firmly believes that when people and technology come together, it inspires new ideas, thoughts, and positive disruption. For her, seeking multiple perspectives and finding the right balance is what truly drives innovation. Outside work, Shriya’s life revolves around travel – seeing new places, learning about different cultures, meeting new people, and experiencing what the world has to offer.

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