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How Disruptive Secures its Sensors Against Hackers

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Tarjei Vassbotn, product lead at Disruptive Technologies, one of the most advanced manufacturers of sensors to monitor building condition, explains the firm’s approach to avoiding attack from cyber criminals. Read more from PlaceTech.net.

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Jargon Buster: Internet of Things

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IoT is like many of the acronyms in the proptech world: you know it’s important but you don’t quite know what it means. Here’s a cheat sheet for some of the most common words and phrases related to IoT you should know about. Read more …

“If We Succeed, We Will Need a Lot of Money”

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Om noen år vil det kanskje være sensorene fra Disruptive Technologies som varsler når temperaturen stiger i sikringsskapet ditt eller i stikkontaktene, så brann kan unngås. Det påpeker Kjetil Nymoen i Hafslund Nett. Hafslund er blant 120 pilotkunder for sensorgründerne i Disruptive Technologies, blant annet …

Everything You Need to Know About PropTech for Smart Buildings

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Until now, the promise of smart building technology was only achievable for large real estate companies with budgets of many millions of dollars. The Internet of Things IoT (in which a network of physical devices, appliances and software connect and exchange data to support automation) has been prohibitively complex …