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The world's smallest wireless sensors are joined by new CO2 and PIR sensors. Finally, a one-stop-shop for all the sensors you need for safe, smart and sustainable indoor spaces

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All the data points you need for a truly smart office.

Disruptive Technologies has enhanced its smart sensor suite with new CO2 and PIR sensors, providing all the data points needed for truly safe, smart, and sustainable indoor spaces. These tiny, wireless, affordable, easy to use battery-operated sensors can be deployed almost anywhere and retrofitted to any space, making buildings and assets smart in minutes.

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Complete IoT infrastructure stack for CRE applications

A one-stop-shop sensor suite that optimizes wellbeing and productivity, reduces risk, and enhances sustainability for all occupants.



Tiny, unobstrusive, blend in anywhere

Easy install

Easy install

Peel and stick sensors, plug & play gateway



Up to 15 years of battery life. Install & forget



End-to-end encryption from the sensor to the cloud

Wireless CO2 Sensor just launched- Product Image

Wireless CO2 Sensor

The CO2 Sensor uses ultra-low power NDIR sensor technology, has been designed to deliver up to 10-year battery life, with replaceable batteries and a long wireless range, up to 100 meter indoors.

The sensor also features temperature and humidity for optimizing air quality data and the core focus is to monitor indoor air quality and support demand-controlled ventilation. This ensures healthy air and to optimize energy use.

Not only will this help businesses reach their sustainability objectives, it will also improve employee productivity by creating a healthier environment for everyone.

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Wireless PIR Ceiling Sensor

The PIR sensor uses a quad-element PIR detection method, and provides the same 10 year battery life, and 100 meter wireless range.

It detects the presence of people in a room to allow occupancy monitoring and enable the creation of heatmaps to ascertain footfall and usage of specific spaces.

This will allow businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their space utilisation to predict usage and adjust heating, cooling and other services accordingly to save energy and optimise their space.

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Remotely monitor 1 room or 100 buildings

Disruptive Technologies solutions scale with your needs. Together with partners, Disruptive Technologies is solving real problems within Commercial Real Estate globally. Energy efficiency and sustainability, workplace health and wellbeing, desk occupancy, smart cleaning, feedback and service, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sensors powered?

DT Silicon is our proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), custom-designed and optimized for low power sensing. While running in active mode with its sensors enabled, the DT Silicon consumes almost 100 times less energy than market-leading Bluetooth controllers do in Power Down mode.

This is made possible by a power management technology that includes ultra-low-power analog-digital-conversion circuitry, a custom-developed processor, and ultra-low-power oscillator and power management circuitry.

What kind of technology do the sensors use to communicate with the Cloud?

Devices communicate via SecureDataShot technology, our proprietary Sub-1 GHz wireless communication protocol made for creating a scalable network of sensors while maintaining security and using as little energy as possible. SecureDataShot is end-to-end encrypted and optimized for use with DT Silicon and tiny battery-enabled devices.

What is the ROI of deploying the sensor system?

The particular costs and benefits will depend on your use case and deployment.
Here are some gains from our customers who are using our sensors and partner solutions:

  • 600 liters per tap saved annually due to legionella compliance
  • 8.7 kWh of energy saved per year
  • 31% reduction in monthly electricity
  • 25% decrease in unnecessary tenant call-outs due to uncomfortable temperature
  • £1.25M saved in food inventory
  • 10,000 nurse hours saved per year.

For more tangible gains, view our testimonials and case studies.

How does your sensor solution contribute to sustainability?

Our robust solution allows for the optimization of all operations, thus reducing waste across processes and saving time and energy. Everything we do is designed to make a difference and have a positive impact, from sensor design to applications. Read more about sustainability at Disruptive Technologies.

Our sensors and partner solutions help operations, save costs, and make your buildings sustainable, safe, and efficient. A few easy steps make your spaces more sustainable. It is simple:

  • Collect data on temperature, occupancy, doors and windows, building use, and water waste.
  • Realize what is driving unnecessary energy spend.
  • Automate and optimize energy and resource use.
Sensor-driven decisions make your buildings sustainable, safe, and energy-efficient. They help increase equipment life & reduce e-waste, control temperature and energy use, optimize heat loss due to traffic, save water and energy, avoid damage caused by leaks and floods, and make space allocation decisions based on occupancy.

About Us

Disruptive Technologies (DT) is a Norwegian tech company and the award-winning developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and IoT infrastructure. These tiny, easy-to-use, robust and affordable sensors integrate into any application and collect all the data points needed to make buildings safe, smart and sustainable, in minutes.

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