Cloud Platform Integrations

Proven integrations with all major cloud platforms

Disruptive’s Sensing Solution integrates with IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. All cloud vendors offer databases, event queues, rule engines, business intelligence and more that help you put data into use.

We connect Cloud-to-Cloud using Data Connectors to ensure efficient integration with no data loss

One-Stop-Shop Sensing Layer

See the benefits of Disruptive's cloud integrations

  • Reliability. At-least-once delivery guarantees sensor data arrives in the cloud platform. We re-send data until the integrating 3rd party acknowledges receipt.
  • Low latency. All sensor data is sent immediately after being received by the sensor.
  • Scalability. The integration is implemented in such a way to allow you to scale your integration, while maintaining at-least-once guarantee and low latency.

You can find more detail and how-to guides on Data Connectors and specific cloud integrations for IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, on our Developer site.