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Small and powerful, our sensors protect patients and profits

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Over 20% of temperature-sensitive drugs are damaged before they reach patients because they aren't kept at the appropriate temperature. Mini-sensors from Disruptive Technologies ensure temperatures are correct and alert you if conditions change.
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Prevent spoilage of
temperature-sensitive products

Getting pharmaceuticals from manufacturing plant to patient is time consuming and complicated, involving multiple hand-offs and diverse locations. The cost of getting it wrong impacts patient safety and corporate profitability. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies lose more than $35B annually due to temperature excursions.

Know the temperature before you arrive

Pharmaceuticals have many stopping points on their journey. You must ensure every location is prepared to accept the shipment and store it appropriately. Sensors help you anticipate problems and take corrective action. For example, if a cold storage warehouse or specific pharmacy is having trouble maintaining the right temperature, a shipment can be rerouted.



disruptive technologie freezer temperature


Continuous monitoring for
regulatory compliance

At each point, temperatures must be monitored and recorded to document regulatory compliance. Automated logging of conditions creates an audit trail at cold storage facilities to satisfy reporting requirements. Sensors embedded in packaging and within key facilities automatically collect temperature data and reduce the need for manual checks and documentation.

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