The Disruptive Solutions mini wireless sensor is placed on a metal pipe next to a Caution Hot warning

Disruptive Technologies’ Industrial Mini-sensors Deliver Over Three Million Insights Each Day

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With 30,700 Mini-sensors Delivered, the IoT Innovator is Changing How the Physical World is Measured

Bergen (Norway), February 28, 2019 – Disruptive Technologies, creator of the wireless mini-sensor has seen tremendous growth since Q3 2018 when it received CE certification. The mini-sensors now collect over three million data points daily.

The robust wireless sensors are the size of a postage stamp and gather real-time information on temperature, proximity, and touch. Coupled with analytics software customers make data-backed decisions that improve efficiency, sustainability, and wellbeing.

Changing the way decisions are made, the small intelligent sensors are driving  operational efficiency, increased sustainability and wellbeing across many organizations:

  • Health service serving over a million patients relies on Disruptive sensors to confirm medicine conditions, meet compliance requirements, saving 100+ dollars in administrative costs per site each month. Temperature tracking significantly reduces the potential exposure to compromised vaccine and medicine with live alerting.
  • Grocery chain expects to achieve multi-million dollar savings using Disruptive sensors to protect temperature-sensitive foods, reduce energy costs and decrease maintenance.
  • Utilities responsible for nationwide energy grid efficiency and stability use Disruptive sensors to detect and prevent failures by gaining insights from assets which were previously unconnected. The simplicity of retrofitting in-field assets and connecting data into platforms such as OsiSoft, IDS, and Siemens MindSphere provides significant operational advantages.
  • Property services company with over one million square meters under management measures temperatures to reduce hot/cold calls and keep tenants comfortable. The company also uses door sensors that detect foot traffic to optimize when cleaning services are needed, saving costs while raising building standards.

Partner-driven, End-to-end Solutions

Data from the mini-sensor is delivered via standard API calls, making it a simple platform for integrating with existing analytics or building automation systems. The simplicity of integration allows partners to design powerful end-to-end business solutions that solve customer pain providing immediate value and high return on investment. Disruptive Technologies partners with industry leaders like Siemens, ISS, Engie, as well as Integral, the technical maintenance and engineering arm of JLL.  They also work closely with software and analytics specialists like Optimised Buildings, Infogrid, 4D Monitoring, Thing Technologies, IOT Systems Group, Navvis, Octo, Webstep, ConXion, Sensohive and many more to meet the needs of their customers.

The company plans to expand into the United States in late-2019 where the company already develops customer solutions with partners like Prescriptive Data and Enertive.

“Our team has made tremendous strides building an expert partner community and solving problems for hundreds of customers across real estate, retail, manufacturing, food service, and healthcare industries,” says Disruptive Technologies’ founder and CEO Erik Fossum Færevaag.

“Our customers can measure the physical world in a brand new way and then make better, more informed decisions. Accurate, timely data impacts critical decisions that affect how people work and live their lives,” he continues.

This continued momentum speaks to significant market demand for simple, scalable IoT solutions that can provide actionable insights and an ecosystem of partners able to solve industry-specific challenges.

Simplicity, scalability, and robustness of the sensing solution reduce the total cost of ownership and provides an IoT solution built for the future:

  • Battery-driven operation extends sensor maintenance interval to 15 years.
  • Patented, end-to-end security scheme from the sensor to the cloud eliminates weak points present in traditional IoT solutions.

  • Up to a hundred thousand sensors can connect through a single Cloud Connector, minimizing installation complexity and allowing future-proof scalability paired with high-end security.

Live Demonstrations at MIPIM Cannes

Disruptive Technologies will be demonstrating the sensing solutions at MIPIM Cannes, The world’s leading property market, March 12-15, 2019. Conference participants will be able to see Disruptive sensors collect and aggregate data with partners like Octo, ConXion, IWMAC, 4D Monitoring and Thing Technologies and more.

About Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies is a rapidly growing innovator in the IoT market and developer of the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors. Our sensing solution based on these mini-sensors simplifies data collection and delivers the data securely to our partners’ analytics programs in the cloud.

Leading-edge companies build radically different smart solutions on our platform for Industry 4.0, commercial real estate, retail, food service and safety, and connected living applications. Together we enable facility managers to maximize space and keep tenants happy, pharmacists to ensure drugs don’t spoil, and compliance leaders to protect critical assets. From predictive maintenance to proper refrigeration, we’re delivering Connected Change™. Learn more at