Disruptive Technologies Receives Top 1% Ranking in Early Metrics’ Prestigious Club

Margie Agin Press Releases

BERGEN (Norway), May 7, 2018 – Disruptive Technologies, creator of the wireless mini-sensor, has been rated 90/100 and ranked in the top one percent of over 1600 ventures evaluated by the rating agency for startups Early Metrics.

Early Metrics, an independent body, evaluates innovative early and growth stage tech ventures by analyzing key non-financial metrics, among them the management team, the market positioning, commercial trends, technology, and capacity to expand operations.

Disruptive Technologies’ sensing solution streamlines the layers of the IoT ecosystem to remove bottlenecks and reduce investment risk in order to accelerate development of smart solutions. Sensing data collected and aggregated by Disruptive Technologies helps companies optimize asset performance, lower maintenance and inventory costs, manage energy use, and improve safety and comfort.

“We see a strong correlation between the rating delivered and the capacity for a rated startup to develop. As one of the few companies ranked in the top one percent, we are confident that Disruptive Technologies has the capacity to scale successfully and are excited to see how they will deploy on international markets,” says Soline Kauffmann-Tourkestansky, Global Head of Ecosystem.

“The ranking reinforces our commitment to a major opportunity in the market – scalable IOT. We’ve aligned our leadership, technology and operations to help our customers rapidly optimize their businesses by delivering data from virtually any physical location,” says Disruptive Technologies CEO Erik Fossum Færevaag. “We are thrilled to be among a select group of innovators that are driving revolutionary changes in how we live and work.”

About Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies is a rapidly growing innovator in the IoT market and developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors. Our sensing solution based on these mini-sensors simplifies data collection and delivers the data securely to our partners’ analytics programs in the cloud. We enable leading-edge companies to build smart solutions for Industry 4.0, commercial real estate, retail, food service and safety, and connected living applications. To learn more, visit www.disruptive-technologies.com.

About Early Metrics

Early Metrics is the pan-European rating agency for startups and SMEs, analyzing the growth potential of innovative ventures by assessing key non-financial metrics. Ratings are free for entrepreneurs and they are provided with a third-party assessment, supporting their growth development. Established in London, Paris, Berlin and Tel Aviv, Early Metrics works on behalf of over 200 clients, from private and institutional investors to blue chip corporations. To get rated or to access rating reports: contact@earlymetrics.com.