Disruptive Technologies to Demonstrate Mini Sensor-Based Smart Solutions for Real Estate at MIPIM with Partners NavVis, MCS Solutions, CBRE, SIMAXX, Prescriptive Data, Haworth and Superwyze

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Cannes (France), March 13, 2018 –

PropTech Company to Pitch in MIPIM Startup Award Competition Finals

Disruptive Technologies, creator of the wireless mini-sensor, will demonstrate a series of smart, connected solutions for real estate at MIPIM 2018, March 13-16 in Cannes, France. Disruptive Technologies’ sensing solution was developed so that real estate companies of all sizes and types can experience the cost savings, increased margins, and improved tenant relationships made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT).

How rapidly the real estate market can benefit from the promise of IoT is linked to how quickly PropTech is addressing challenges that have hindered adoption to date, defined by McKinsey & Company as “inadequate security protections, limited customer demand, marketplace fragmentation, a lack of standards, and technology barriers.”

Disruptive Technologies and its PropTech partners have come together to overcome these challenges by simplifying the IoT ecosystem and lowering investment risk for real estate customers. As the live demonstrations at MIPIM will showcase, facility managers, property owners and tenants are already realizing the benefits of simple, scalable IoT in several ways.

“Many commercial real estate companies still use first generation sensor technology or even manual processes to manage building temperature, layout, and maintenance schedules,” says Disruptive Technologies’ CEO, Erik Fossum Færevaag. “When hundreds of mini-sensors can be installed within hours and have embedded connectivity and batteries that last for 15 years, suddenly, the return on investment for moving to an automated, IoT-based solution comes much faster.”

Live Demonstrations

Disruptive Technologies invites show attendees to visit booth stand P-1.A51 to get a firsthand look at how the company is working with other real estate partners to bring cutting-edge IoT solutions to market.

Virtual reality meets IoT with NavVis
“Our partnership with Disruptive Technologies combines innovative, highly accurate indoor mapping and visualization with one of the most promising developments in the Internet of Things,” describes Felix Reinshagen, CEO of NavVis. At MIPIM, users can navigate a virtual 3D environment populated with temperature and proximity sensors, and see how to remotely monitor pipes and HVAC systems in order to prevent overheating and equipment failure.

Space monitoring, feedback and comfort with MCS Solutions
“Together with Disruptive Technologies, we use the latest technology to optimize real estate management and facility operations,” explains MCS Solutions’ CEO Koen Matthijs. At MIPIM, occupancy sensors placed on ultramodern tables and chairs provided by leading workplace solutions company Haworth will stream live data into MCS Solutions’ COBUNDUTM platform. Real estate leaders can envision making data-backed decisions to plan office layout, optimize meeting rooms, and implement hot-desking strategies. In addition, visitors to the MIPIM booth can see how sensor-based feedback capabilities enable new services that improve the tenant experience – everything from adjusting temperatures to requesting cleaning services to ordering a coffee.

Property management with CBRE and SIMAXX
“We work closely with Disruptive Technologies to develop and implement solutions that provide measurable return for our customers,” explains Jardo Verheugd, Commercial Manager at CBRE. At MIPIM, Disruptive Technologies and CBRE will demonstrate how sensors and analytics in SIMAXX’s data platform allow analysis of temperature data points at scale to adjust building temperatures as weather conditions, time of day and occupancy levels change so that tenants are comfortable and productive.

Predictive analytics & prescriptive recommendations for optimal building operations with Prescriptive Data
“Prescriptive Data’s building operating system, NANTUMTM, extracts building data from proprietary silos to predict building performance, prescribe recommendations to building operators, and to orchestrate changes in building control systems to drive real-time optimization of building operations,” explains Sonu Panda, CEO of Prescriptive Data. Developed and proven within Rudin Management Company’s 10m square feet portfolio of NYC Class A commercial office buildings, Prescriptive Data’s solutions are built for building operators, by building operators. At MIPIM, visitors will see how Disruptive Technologies and Prescriptive Data’s combined efforts deliver to landlords and enterprise tenants unprecedented situational awareness, real-time measurement and verification of building system performance, reduced energy consumption and associated savings, and improved tenant experiences.

Connected living with Superwyze
“Thanks to unique, miniaturized, long-lasting and real-time sensor solutions, Disruptive Technologies makes the ‘phygital’ era a reality,” notes Alexandre Nauoun, Associate Director of Superwyze. Visitors to the booth can experience how the sensor-based Superwyze solution captures movement and proximity data of elderly patients to alert caregivers of unexpected situations.

Startup Competition Final Pitch

As one of nine finalists for the MIPIM Startup Competition, Disruptive Technologies will participate in the final pitch round, March 14, 2018, 16:00 – 17:30 in the Grand Auditorium.

Contact Information:

Meet our team at stand P-1.A51 or contact jean.rosauer@disruptive-technologies.com to schedule a demonstration.


Disruptive Technologies is a rapidly growing innovator in the IoT market and developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors. Our sensing solution based on these mini-sensors simplifies data collection and delivers the data securely to our partners’ analytics programs in the cloud. We enable leading-edge companies to build smart solutions for Industry 4.0, commercial real estate, retail, food service and safety, and connected living applications. To learn more, visit www.disruptive-technologies.com.

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