A Wireless Sensor Unlike Any Other

Small. Strong. Powerful.

Our Intelligent Little Square

19×19×2mm, 15 years battery with 100 transactions a day. Range: Outdoors up to 1000M, warehouse up to 100M, typical home 25M

Extremely Small

The area of a keyboard button and the thickness of a coin (19×19×2mm)

Unprecedented Battery Life

15 years of battery life means virtually no maintenance costs. Install and forget.

Superior Range

With our long range, you can place sensors where you need them, without wires.

Robust sensors


Completely sealed unit. Dustproof, waterproof and impact-resistant. With a robust transfer protocol and strong radio link.

  • Fully encapsulated and environmentally robust for indoor and outdoor use (IP68)
  • Highly impact-resistant
  • Guaranteed connectivity
  • Self-monitoring for range, battery life, and connectivity
  • Completely secure end-to-end encryption (Secure Data Shot™)
Cost-effective and affordable sensor solution


The most cost-effective and affordable sensor solution on the market today. Unit cost is well below competing solutions, and more than a decade of battery life equals virtually no maintenance costs.

  • All-inclusive, low cost solution — sensors, connectivity and cloud included
  • Minimal operational costs — maintenance-free with a 15-year battery life
  • Low installation cost — no wires needed
Simple and intuitive sensor setup


It’s just a tiny square. Simple and intuitive TouchPair™ sensor setup. Plug in as many Cloud Connectors you want for limitless wireless coverage. Sensors can roam (be moved) freely without the need for repeated installation. It just works™.

  • TouchPair™ — just install and forget
  • Complete self-managed sensor solution with integrated cloud
  • Intuitive and flexible developer tools and APIs
  • Plug in the Cloud Connector and the solution is ready to use — no Wi-Fi needed
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere. No screwdriver needed — just peel and stick