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Small and powerful, our sensors protect your people and your property.

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Avoid catastrophe, reduce time and cost recovering from a potential fire and demonstrate proactive fire safety to auditors and insurance adjusters with Disruptive Technologies sensors.
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Prevent Equipment Fires

When not properly monitored and maintained, equipment can have electrical malfunctions and overheat, causing fires. Sensors can be placed on equipment to monitor heat signatures, helping to establish baseline performance and indicate when it is drifting beyond accepted norms. These trends, not visible to the naked eye, can trigger preventive maintenance. You’ll know immediately when temperature spikes unexpectedly or equipment misfires.

Contain Damage and Ensure
Compliance of Fire Doors

Closed fire doors can be very effective in containing fires, but only if they’re present and properly used. Sensors verify that containment efforts are functioning as expected. They monitor if a door is open or closed, and the exact time it may have been propped open. Additionally, they track when fire extinguishers are present, and when they need to be replaced. With this data, a facilities manager can react immediately and target education efforts.

disruptive technologies fire safety


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