Food Service and Safety

Connected sensors monitor food conditions during transportation and storage all the way to the supermarket shelf

Every link of the food supply chain has an impact on food safety. If temperatures are unstable in refrigerated compartments, food storage warehouses, or inside cooling units in stores and walk-in coolers in restaurants, food quality is at risk. Smart sensors monitor temperatures and trigger alerts when there are unexpected changes.
“With current monitoring capabilities and access to data, foodservice professionals have untapped opportunities to leverage technology for improvements to safety processes.” Food Safety Magazine

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Waste Management

Preserve the quality, taste and appearance of products to prevent spoilage and reduce the cost and time required for stock replenishment.

Comply with Regulations

Monitor conditions to demonstrate compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and automate documentation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) checklists.

Lower risk of Recall

Avoid the high cost of wasted materials and production time and lost revenue when products don't meet quality and safety standards.

Sensors built for food service

Small and lightweight, Disruptive Technologies' sensors are easy to install in a warehouse or distribution center and practically invisible on the supermarket shelf. The small size allows for exact placement for maximum accuracy.

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Food Service & Safety Applications

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Compressors and frosting
  • Shelf stock refill
  • Fridge door open warning
  • Ratings buttons
  • Waste management

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