Sensors improve safety and lower costs of care

The Internet of Things is producing innovative solutions for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare organizations of all types. Environmentally-embedded sensors are making it possible to protect temperature-sensitive medicines, increase operational efficiency, and improve health outcomes for patients.

“Over 20% of temperature-sensitive drugs are damaged before they reach patients because they aren’t kept at the appropriate temperature.”RDMag

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Cold storage

Ensure medicines are kept at correct temperatures and demonstrate and document compliance with health and safety regulations.

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Legionella prevention

Reduce risk and adhere to compliance requirements by ensuring water doesn’t remain stagnant and meets temperature requirements.

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Remote monitoring
Bring central systems such as HVAC in line with occupancy and actual usage to lower energy costs and carbon footprint.

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Sensors built for healthcare

Unobtrusive mini-sensors blend seamlessly into a hospital or residential environment with no unsightly wires or controls and protect privacy. Patients and residents feel comfortable and adoption increases.

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Healthcare Applications

  • Pharmaceutical cold chain
  • Pill box supervision
  • Panic button
  • Presence detection
  • Door supervision
  • Clinical monitoring

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