Industry 4.0

Smart sensors gather critical information on conditions within the manufacturing process and supply chain

Industry 4.0 uses the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to take processes which are traditionally managed on the factory floor by people and machines and move them to the cloud where they can be managed remotely and even autonomously. Lightweight, wireless mini-sensors sensors turn existing machinery and tooling into smart devices that gather information and connect to the Internet of Things. Companies don't need to replace machinery or overhaul systems to become a part of Industry 4.0.
“With nearly 18% of the market already invested in the IIoT and another 35% currently planning to invest in IIoT technologies this year, IIoT technology is quickly moving from the realm of early adopter to becoming mainstream.” LNS Research

Measure the benefits

Preventive maintenance

Address problems proactively to replace inefficient maintenance schedules and avoid unplanned and costly downtime.

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Asset tracking and inventory management

Confirm asset and equpiment location in warehouses, on job sites and in stores to save time and avoid theft.

Remote monitoring

Monitor heat signatures to establish baseline performance and indicate when temperatures are drifting beyond accepted norms.

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Sensors built for Industry 4.0

Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, Disruptive Technologies' sensors are easy to deploy and maintain, even on the smallest pipe and in the most hard-to-reach places. Wireless technology with low power and long-range capabilities can be used in large facilities. Disruptive Technologies' open API and Cloud Connector makes data easily integrated with analytics platforms and supply chain and manufacturing software.

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Industry 4.0 applications

  • Overheating notifications
  • Machine utilization monitoring
  • Asset leaving warehouse
  • Valve open and closed
  • Cooling pipe monitoring
  • Temperature delta
  • Theft detection
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Asset presence in shelf

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