Sensors help retailers improve inventory management and meet consumers' omnichannel expectations

To stay competitive and improve the customer experience, retailers demand real-time information on product availability and consumption. To get the answers they need, retailers are adopting sensor solutions that collect, aggregate and share proximity and location data throughout the supply chain and along consumer touchpoints. Replacing manual checks, connected sensors are more cost effective and accurate.
Building competitive advantage by lowering operational costs, saving energy and enhancing customer interactions.

Measure the benefits

Smart surveys

Anticipate and respond to customer needs by using data to spot trends and implementing services for feedback and requests.

Asset tracking

Locate assets in warehouses and retail stores to save time, reduce theft and avoid unneeded replacements.


Remote monitoring

Bring central systems such as HVAC in line with occupancy and actual usage to lower energy costs and carbon footprint.

Sensors built for retail

Disruptive Technologies' mini-sensors blend into a retail environment and are practically invisible to consumers. Easy to install, there is no need for screws to mount the sensors or unsightly wires to connect.

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Retail applications

  • Inventory control
  • Trend spotting
  • Smart shelving
  • Fitting room call buttons
  • Customer foot traffic
  • Ratings buttons

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