ISS Facility Services

Integrated services incorporate IoT and cover all aspects of facility management.

MCS Solutions

Smart building applications to drive real estate performance and occupant experience.


Enables food service companies to monitor temperatures and complete required registrations.


Empowers people, companies and societies to stay in touch with everything that matters.


Developing innovative solutions and new business models based on IoT.

Device Insight

Supports global networking of machines, vehicles, facilities and devices.


Digitizes indoor spaces and processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.


Provides proactive operations, monitoring and condition-based maintenance.

Prescriptive Data

Creates insights that impact energy efficiency, lower costs and improve tenant retention.

Thing Technologies

A digitization platform for intelligent office buildings, hotels, data centers, or hospitals.

Asset Mapping Ltd

Point solutions to help clients with compliance, energy efficiency and activity tracking.


Improves health of seniors by monitoring conditions and alerting caregivers.


Serves clients in energy, real estate, construction, shipping, logistics, and the public sector.

GK Gruppen AS

Serves facility professionals with technical service of critical installations.


IoT Accelerator Platform with full stack of services including device and data management.