Wireless Sensors

Tiny wireless sensors you can place anywhere.

Temperature Sensor

Measure the temperature in any space or on any surface.
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Touch Sensor

Press to trigger actions or automate feedback.
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Proximity Sensor

Detect if there is an object in front of it or if its been removed.
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Temperature Sensor EN12830/330s

Temperature sensor with food-safety certification.
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Counting Touch Sensor

Counts the number of touches it receives between heartbeats.
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Tactile Touch Sensor

A Touch Sensor variant with clear tactile feedback when pressed.
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Counting Proximity Sensor

Counts the number of times an objects has been in front of it.
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Water Sensor

Detect high water-levels or water leaks instantly.
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Humidity Sensor

Measure relative humidity and temperature with one sensor.

Really small

At 20x20x2mm, these things are really, really, small. Use the backside sticker to stick it to (almost) anything!

Lasts a long time

Up to 15 years.
Install today, replace it in 2035 🤯

End-to-end encryption

All data is encrypted, from the sensor to the cloud. A-grade 3rd party security review.

Mechanically robust

IP68. It's literally moulded into plastic.

Cloud Connector

A secure connection to the cloud. Thats it.

Cloud Connector

The Cloud Connector is the Sensors connection to the cloud. It securely relays the events transmitted by the Sensors.
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Cellular or wired connection

Plug & Play

The Cloud Connector is truly plug & play. No set-up required.


We go to great lengths in providing  a stable sensor system. The Cloud Connector is an important peace of this puzzle.


There is no practical limit to the amount of sensors that can communicate through one Cloud Connector.

Cellular data included

To simplify things and create simpler business models for our partners and customers, cellular data is included.

DT Cloud

The invisible conductor.

DT Cloud

The DT Cloud is the conductor making sure that all the components of our system plays well together.

Managed System

We handle all the hard parts of wireless communication. We keep the information flowing, and all components up to date.

End-to-end Security

Our system is built from the bottom up with security as a top priority.
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Seamless Sensor Roaming

Sensors can move seamlessly between Cloud Connectors.

Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee a 99,5% uptime on our system. So you can sleep well at night.

DT Studio

Instant access to your data

DT Studio

Organise your Sensors and Cloud Connectors, set up organisations and projects and manage access, quickly set up integrations to other systems or services. DT Studio is a simple to use web-app that allows instant utilisation of sensors.

Touch Identify

Scale from 1 to 100,000 sensors, from 1 to 100 sites and from 1 to multiple organisations.

Bring your own

Security is a top priority. From the Sensor all the way to the cloud.

Simple integrations

Integrate with any service. Use our pre-configured Data Connectors, or use our API.

Fleet Management

Manage your sensors easily. Check connectivity and other parameters. Move sensors between projects.


“Utilizing your API in my own code has been superb. Well documented with good examples! Probably the easiest API integration I’ve done :) ”
Eivind, developer at BKK

Data Connectors

Our data connectors are the quickest way to get started. Scalable and stable connections to standard endpoints.

Comprehensive Rest API

Our Rest API is flexible and well documented.
API documentation

We eat our own dog food

And it's actually delicious! DT Studio is built using the same API as we expose.

Sensor Accessories

The perfect companions for your sensors. Extend the range and measure what's relevant.


Extends the range of the Sensors, by adding a passive antenna element.
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Ambient Range Extender

Extends the range of the Sensors, as well as distancing the Sensor from the surface on which it is mounted.
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Surface Range Extender

Extends the range of the sensor, and adds a thermal conductor between the sensor and the surface on which mounted on.
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Pipe Range

Extends the range of the sensor, and allows easy mounting on pipes.
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Try it for free
We can't send out free sensors, but we have created a way for you to test out how our sensors would behave in your set-up. Get access to DT Studio and our sensor emulator to test out integrations and have a feel for how sensors are organised and how to work with our API.
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