All users get free access to Studio, our easy to use web-app that allows instant access to sensor data and alerts & notifications set-up.

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Studio comes with drag-and-drop dashboards that let you quickly visualize your sensor data. Get an overview and gain insights from your installation by comparing data from multiple sensors. Can also be used in fullscreen for kiosk mode scenarios.





Alerts & Notifications

Create custom triggers based on sensor data for automatic email notifications. All sensors support notification triggers. Examples:

  • The door has been open for more than 1 hour
  • Humidity has been below 20%RH for 30 minutes
  • Temperature is above 40°C

Touch Identify

Touch Identify

Identify sensors in Studio by touch. Easily scale to 100,000 sensors, 100 sites and multiple organizations.

Security as a priority

Security as a priority

Sensor data is secure, from the sensor to the cloud. Only the people you designate have access.

Simple integrations

Simple integrations

Bring your own metadata. Integrate with any service. Use our Data Connectors or our API.

Fleet management

Fleet management

Manage your sensors & access. Check connectivity. Move sensors between projects.

Full access to our APIs

To make it as easy as possible for anyone to integrate data from our sensors into their own application, we have created a powerful set of APIs that are available for free. Integrate using webhooks or our full REST API.

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