Sensor Starter Kit

The easiest and most affordable way to gather data from any building. Peel & stick sensors with effortless connectivity and start thinking bigger with smaller.

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Peel & stick sensors with effortless connectivity

Sensors are bulky, complex to install and configure, expensive, and inaccurate. We offer superior performance, ease-of-use, features, and battery life at the smallest possible size. No sensor compares to the value-per-insight we bring to our customers and the IoT world.

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Developer documentation

Developer documentation

We provide detailed resources, full REST API documentation and application notes.

No set-up or pairing

No set-up or pairing

Add the sensors to your own applications in an instant via webhooks or a full REST API.

Individual purchasing

Individual purchasing

Purchase as a private individual, without an organizational affiliation and no interaction with sales.

Transparent pricing

Transparent pricing

The Sensor Starter Kit price includes shipping costs and all local taxes. What you see is what you pay.

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The price of the Sensor Starter Kit varies by territory. Learn more in our store.


Inside the Sensor Starter Kit

Cloud Connector

Temperature sensor

Proximity sensor

Touch sensor

Humidity sensor

Water sensor

1 year sensor subscription

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Disruptive Technologies Sensor Starter Kit, hands on: IoT in a box

Hands-on Review

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The [Sensor Starter Kit] is easy to get to grips with, even for a non-developer, and should prove valuable in proofs-of-concept and pilot programmes where organisations are exploring how to optimise the layout and management of their premises.

Starter Kit Sensors

Sensor - Temperature


Sensor - Touch


Sensor - Proximity


Sensor - Water


Sensor - Humidity


Explore data with Studio

Organize your Sensors and Cloud Connectors, set up organizations and projects, manage access, and quickly set up integrations to other systems or services. Studio is our simple to use web app that allows instant access and utilization of sensors. Comes with Dashboards, an easy-to-use interface for displaying sensor data in a shared view while applying simple analytics.


4 ways to explore now

Safe home & office

Safe home & office

Stick the proximity sensor on any door or window and set up customized alerts & triggers whenever the door or window opens and closes.

Fridge temperature

Fridge temperature

Stick the temperature sensor inside your fridge or freezer. Set up alerts for deviations from the recommended temperature to ensure your food stays fresh.

Personalized touch notifications

Personalized touch notifications

Customize the touch sensor to send out any notification whenever the sensor is touched.

Water leaks

Water leaks

Stick the water sensor near floors and remotely detect leaks before they become problems. Get alerts if your attic, basement, or storage unit is in danger of flooding.

Cloud Connector (470 × 293 px)

A secure connection to the cloud

The Cloud Connector is the sensors' connection to the cloud, securely relaying the data transmitted by the sensors via 4G/LTE cellular or Ethernet.  There is no need for set-up or pairing during installation. The Cloud Connector will transparently relay traffic between all sensors in range and the cloud without the need for any user configuration or intervention.

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Starter Kit Sensor Specifications

Sensor readings are performed at 15-minute intervals.

Size and weight: 19 x 19 x 2.5 mm, 2.0 g
Lifetime: Up to 15 years in the default configuration
Range: 25 m indoor, 1000 m unobstructed
Construction: Robust design, sealed, IP68 and UL 50E Type 4X

25 m typical indoor wireless range, similar to a WiFi network with an advanced WiFi router. Up to 1000 m in line of sight.


Product sheet

Wireless communication

EU: 868 MHz SRD/ISM band, SecureDataShot™

US: 915 MHz ISM band, SecureDataShot™

Certifications and compliance

EU: CE, WEEE, Batteries directive

US: Certified to FCC and ISED regulations.

FCC ID: 2ATFX-100541
IC: 25087-100541