Temperature Sensor

Generation 2, with logging capabilities

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15+ Million Data Points

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15 Years Battery Life

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IP68/Robust Design

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2 Grams 19/19/2.5mm

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Adhesive backing

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End-to-End Encryption


Temperature Sensor

With the second-generation wireless Temperature Sensor, Disruptive Technologies is setting a new standard for energy-efficient and sustainable temperature measurements. The sensor is capable of delivering more than 15 million data points while achieving the same 15-year battery life as the previous generation temperature sensor. That is 30 times more data points, in the same form factor and size.





30 times more data points

With the increased sample rate and accumulated data points, this sensor was created with machine learning applications in mind. By simply peeling and sticking the sensor to any asset exactly where you need it, all buildings can be energy efficient and sustainable in minutes.


Actionable Insights

More data points mean you catch more rapid changes in temperature and get more accurate condition detections. 

  • Water pipe monitoring for legionella compliance
  • Motor & pump monitoring for predictive maintenance
  • Cold storage (food&beverage and healthcare/medicine)
  • Desk occupancy (healthy, clean and safe office)

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How It Works

The new temperature sensor has three distinct software configurable modes:
1. Sampling

The sensor will measure the temperature and transmit the value to the Cloud at a fixed interval (heartbeat).

2. Logging

The sensor measures temperature at a user-configurable interval down to 30seconds, stores the data on-device and transmits a collection of data points to the cloud at a fixed interval.

3. Triggering

The sensor will only send a message once the temperature reading has exceeded, or gone below, a user-configurable temperature limit.

Sensor Encryption & Integration

The logging interval can be configured from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. End-to-end encryption provides top-tier security of your data. Easily integrate with other systems and services to enable powerful analytics, triggers and dashboards.

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