Wireless Touch Sensor

Receive a personalized message every time the sensor is touched. Touch functionality & QR code for simple installation and use.

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15 Years Battery Life

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IP68/Robust Design

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2 Grams 19x19x2.5mm

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Adhesive backing

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End-to-End Encryption

At the touch of a button

The Wireless Touch Sensor sends a message to the cloud every time it is touched. In addition to messages triggered by touch, it transmits a heartbeat message every 15 minutes to notify the system that it is within range and operational. Data is relayed to the cloud through Cloud Connectors (gateway), where it can be seen in Studio or exported to other services via developer APIs.





Feedback made easy

Press the sensor to trigger personalized actions or automate feedback. You can customize the Disruptive Technologies touch sensor as a button that suits your needs. This way it can act as a feedback panel, service button, or survey for customers or tenants. 

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range -40 to 85°C / -40 to 185°F
Recommended Temperature Range -25 to 50°C / -32 to 122°F, non condensing
Humidity at 25C 0 to 100% relative humidity
Communication Protocol (EU) 868 MHz SRD/ISM band, SecureDataShot
Communication Protocol (US) 915 MHz ISM band, SecureDataShot
Wireless Range Up to 1 km line of sight, similar to WiFi indoors
Size and weight 19x19x2.5mm, 2.0g
Lifetime Up to 15 years at room temperature
Certification and Compliance (EU) CE, WEEE, Batteries directive
Certification and Compliance (US) Certified to FCC and ISED regulations
FCC ID: 2ATFX-100541
IC: 25087-100541


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Feedback made easy.


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Tactile Touch Sensor

The Wireless Tactile Touch Sensor transmits a message to the cloud every time it is pressed. In contrast to the standard Wireless Touch Sensor, the Wireless Tactile Touch Sensor comes in a mechanical housing that gives audible and tactile feedback to the user when the sensor is pressed.

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How It Works

Easily measure temperature, proximity, water level & humidity of your assets. Wirelessly transmit the results to your Cloud Connector via SecureDataShot™ technology. Get real-time data in the DT or partner cloud. Access information and set up triggers and alerts through our DT Studio or use our API to integrate it into your own or a partner system.

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Sensors -Small ingenious sensors for humidity, temperature, water detection, door status, asset temperature, and remote monitoring of your buildings & assets.


Cloud Connector -  Our Cloud Connector gathers sensor data and transfers it to our Cloud or a partner Cloud. A plug-and-play gateway.



DT Cloud & API - View and manage data via our software Studio, one of many partner portals, or a custom integration through our API.