IoT Sensor Security

Our sensing solution is designed with security built in from the start

Without proper security controls, a cyber criminal could exploit your IoT architecture at any connection point and circulate throughout your entire ecosystem. Disuptive's Technologies' SecureDataShotTM simplifies the IoT ecosystem to decrease risk of a cyber attack.

End-to-end encryption, all the way from each sensor to applications processing data

See how SecureDataShotTM works

  • Cloud connectors pair sensors directly with users instead of a gateway, virtually eliminating man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Measurement and sensor identity data is encrypted within sensors themselves
  • Disruptive cloud components are running in Google Cloud with top level security controls.
  • Data stays encrypted through radio transmission, cellular or Ethernet forwarding over the Internet until it reaches Disruptive's secure cloud.
  • Data is passed to applications via encrypted protocols.
  • Access control mechanisms control delivery of data to designated systems.


Disruptive and GlobalSign IoT partnership protects IoT devices and customers

Disruptive relies on GlobalSign IoT as an essential component of our security technology stack. GlobalSign’s IoT Identity Platform, built on proven PKI architecture and backed by a Web-Trust audited CA, issues device identities for our smart, wireless cloud connectors, ensuring secure identification and authentication and protecting communication over secure, encrypted channels.

Global Sign’s RESTFul API is easily integrated into any of our IoT projects and their elastic business model provides flexibility to expand with our customers as projects grow. The scalability of their IoT Identity Platform allows us to safely manage billions of device identities.

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