Sensor Applications

Explore how real-world sensor data is put to good use.

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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Use sensor data to optimize operations, save costs, and make your buildings sustainable, safe, and efficient.

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Workplace Health & Wellbeing

Use sensor data to ensure employees have the optimal indoor environment. Healthy, comfortable and safe spaces are productive and happy places.

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Desk Occupancy

Use sensor data to optimize office space and related costs. Increase revenue potential and ensure tenants and employees have the right space for their needs.

Smart Cleaning
Smart Cleaning

Use sensor data to optimize cleaning efforts and cut cleaning costs. Focus resources on areas of concern instead of conducting manual routine checks.

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Feedback and support

Use sensor data to help customers, employees, and occupants get the help they need and respond to requests when and where needed.

Legionella Compliance

Take the guesswork out of your legionella compliance efforts. Automate pipe monitoring and save time, money, and water.

Remote Monitoring

With smart sensors, you will have data to detect and diagnose potential problems in all of your buildings, no matter where you are. 

Cold Storage

Manually monitoring temperature is time consuming. Remote temperature sensors help you maintain proper conditions while saving time and money.

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