How Simple, Scalable IoT is Changing Everything

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If you believe the predictions, in a few years every workplace, every grocery store, and every home will be connected and “smart,” able to automatically serve us based on our interests and behavior.

Yet, for IoT to fulfill the promise of a smart, connected world, we must overcome technical and business challenges that impede product development and customer adoption. In the first generation of IoT multiple layers of the technology stack require the deployment and integration of physical devices, diverse protocols and networks, data warehouses and analytics programs, as well as vertical industry software. There are many vendors involved, often with no maintenance ownership and varying costs at each layer. Additionally, technical limitations of components in a typical IoT stack hinder scalability, security and reliability.

When we launched Disruptive Technologies we set out to make IoT simple and scalable, accessible for everyone.

Simplifying the IoT ecosystem is step one

It takes the right combination of partners and tools to come together to build something that solves a customer’s needs. To make this possible, we have to move away from complex, closed systems to an integrated ecosystem, continuous connectivity, and advanced sensor technology at the core.

With intelligence and connectivity built into sensors we remove the bottlenecks that hinder IoT development and management. An entire IoT ecosystem can operate smoothly and cost efficiently.

Now, IoT becomes possible to companies of all sizes and types. With lower investment risk, companies can experiment with new application ideas, revenue streams and business models.

Sensors that collect data are the heart of IoT

When we first began this journey, we saw that most sensors are bulky, difficult to install, and difficult to maintain. The size and design mean they aren’t accurate enough to allow customers to move away from manual confirmation of data, so they can’t realize the full cost savings. They are simply not suitable for Big Data collection, aggregation and analysis.

So, we completely rethought sensor design. In DT sensors, battery life is 100x longer than anything else on the market. Small and lightweight, sensors can be placed anywhere – from the windowsill to the smallest pipe – turning “dumb” tools into “smart” technology without the need to rip and replace existing infrastructure. With sensors that are cost-efficient and easy to install, companies can retrofit at scale with minimum planning or investment.

Application-ready solutions for any industry

We are partnering with IoT companies of all types, building innovative solutions that give customers the answers they need to save money and make decisions.

  • Industry 4.0 – Powering industrial IoT on the factory floor, in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain.
  • Retail – Building automated inventory control, digital shelves and more.
  • Commercial Real Estate – Optimizing smart buildings to make people happier, healthier and more productive.
  • Food Service & Safety – Ensuring food quality to meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations.
  • Connected Living – Improving health and quality of life for patients, seniors and their families.

Come join us on this journey to make IoT simple and scalable. Get your DT pilot kit and tell us how we can help you realize the promise of IoT.