Building efficency and remote monitoring in minutes

Smart Buildings & Facilities Management

Get a full overview of your buildings and assets with remote monitoring. Based on alerts and automation, only service what and when is needed. The complete sensor solution from Disruptive Technologies is easy to install, provides useful data and can be customized to the needs of your building.

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Small and robust

Tiny Wireless Sensors You Can Place Anywhere

Temperature, proximity, touch, water detection & humidity sensors.

Wireless mini-sensors attach onto doors, windows, chairs, pipes, fridges and any other difficult-to-reach spaces. Easy to install & no downtime required.

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disruptive technologies predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Fix problems before they are critical and easily extend the lifetime of your infrastructure. Track assets and monitor water, temperature and humidity. Real-time data alerts you before the problems occur.

disruptive technologies asset management

Asset management

Automate, track and analyze your assets. Ensure tenants have the right space for their needs. Decrease building operating costs and optimize asset lifetime, all while maintaining individual privacy.

disruptive technologies energy efficiency

Energy efficiency & sustainability

Full visibility into temperature, occupancy, open doors and windows, building use and water waste can quickly optimize your energy use. A few easy steps make your buildings more sustainable.

disruptive technologies smart cleaning

Smart cleaning

Sensors track how your space is being used to determine if and when cleaning is needed. Feedback buttons are available so tenants can request specific cleaning services right away, increasing operational efficiency by 30%.

disruptive technologies legionella


Get data on water temperature and which taps, if any, still require flushing for compliance. Generate required reports for when manual flushing was undertaken.

disruptive technologies asset tracking

Asset tracking

Have a remote overview of all your assets and their status, ensuring optimal fleet management and minimize the risk of “ghost” assets. Easily  attach proximity sensors and know their accurate positions.




Quantify Your Benefits

At Disruptive Technologies, we are committed to delivering tangible business value to our customers. We serve dozens of customers in Buildings and Facilities Management, all with different business cases and deployment contexts. Thus, we have data points regarding the expected ROI and other financial returns indicators in this industry. 

Our Savings Estimator helps quantify the value of your IoT investment and the practical impact of our solutions on your bottom line. This Savings Estimator is based on anonymized and aggregated data and gives wider insights into the benefits of our solutions. The insights are clustered and reported per industry, per application, and per use-case, all based on real gains by our customers. 

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A complete solution

How It Works

Easily measure temperature, proximity, water level & humidity of your assets. Wirelessly transmit the results to your Cloud Connector via SecureDataShot™ technology. Get real-time data in the DT or partner cloud. Access information and set up triggers and alerts through our DT Studio or use our API to integrate it into your own or a partner system.

disruptive technologies how it works

Sensors - Small ingenious sensors for humidity, temperature, water detection, door status, transformer temperature and core remote monitoring of your assets.


Cloud Connector - Our cloud connector gathers sensor data and transfers it to our cloud or a partner cloud. A plug and play gateway.


DT Cloud & API - View and manage data via our software, one of many partner portals, or a custom integration through our API.

Built for truly industrial scale

Fixing the Issues with Today's IoT Solutions

Disruptive Technologies was founded to address the shortcomings of current sensing solutions. Leave cumbersome hardware and inflexible software behind. Perceive more with fewer interruptions and see sensor data immediately.

disruptive technologies sensor size

Sensor size

At 19 x 19 x 2.5mm, our sensors can be placed on almost anything using industrial-grade adhesive. They have a robust design with an IP68 rating (water & dustproof).

disruptive technologies low cost

Low cost

The low cost of our solution makes it economically feasible to continuously monitor equipment on a whole new scale.

disruptive technologies simplicity


There is no need for configurations during installation. Plug in the Cloud Connector and you’re ready to go.

disruptive technologies encryption

End-to-end encryption

All data is encrypted, from the sensor to the cloud. Best in class scores from 3rd party security reviews.

disruptive technologies battery

Battery life

Our custom-designed chip technology enables us to deliver a battery life of up to 15 years in a normal environment.

disruptive technologies api

Open API

Data is readily available for download or streaming to any analytics platform via a powerful REST API.

disruptive technologies
Simple integration

Are you a developer?

Our sensing solution is designed to be integrated with any other third-party platform. Our documentation provides guides and tutorials to get you up and running in no time.

Fleet management
Powerful REST API

Developer documentation

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