Smart Cleaning

DT sensors are easy to install and provide data to boost tenant satisfaction and increase efficiency. Cleaning providers and commercial property owners can expect a 30% increase in operational efficiency with smart cleaning.



Our Promise

Data-driven operational efficiency

Ensuring a clean environment is essential to improving the tenant experience — and a better tenant experience means more revenue for property owners and site managers. By moving to a data-driven approach, cleaning providers can expect a 30% increase in operational efficiency.

The DT Advantage

Track restroom usage and feedback

Sensors track how frequently restroom doors are opened and closed to determine when cleaning is needed. Survey tablets are available so tenants, visitors and staff can request specific cleaning services right away. The requests, along with any comments, are logged and available for action and analysis. Areas in need of urgent attention receive a speedy response.



Smart cleaning


Why Disruptive Sensors.

Really Small

Really Small

At 20x20x2mm, these things are really, really, small. Use the backside sticker to stick it to (almost) anything!

Last a long time

Last a long time

Up to 15 years. Install today, replace it in 2035.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

All data is encrypted, from the sensor to the cloud. A-grade 3rd party security review.

Mechanically robust

Mechanically robust

IP68. It's literally moulded into plastic.

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