Smart Substations

DT sensors provide remote monitoring and actionable insights into the operations of your substation. The sensors fit everywhere, are easy to install and require no downtime.



Our Promise

Predictive Maintenance at Scale

Typically, employees have to check cable  conditions by hand. Most rely on thermal cameras and perform irregular spot checks. With smart sensors, power companies can now easily monitor critical assets at scale.

When sensors detect a temperature change on a critical asset, operators see a spike in their dashboard. They can react quickly to rebalance or replace the asset before any damage is done. Say goodbye to emergency response units arriving to avert a catastrophe. Systems remain online and running smoothly.

The DT Advantage

Hassle-Free Installation

You won’t need to shut down all or part of a substation to install Disruptive sensors. Wireless mini-sensors stick on cables, pipes, high voltage fuses, and any difficult-to-reach places with small surface areas. They’re easy to install and easy to maintain.


Smart substations


Why Disruptive Sensors.

Really Small

Really Small

At 20x20x2mm, these things are really, really, small. Use the backside sticker to stick it to (almost) anything!

Last a long time

Last a long time

Up to 15 years. Install today, replace it in 2035.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

All data is encrypted, from the sensor to the cloud. A-grade 3rd party security review.

Mechanically robust

Mechanically robust

IP68. It's literally moulded into plastic.

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