The Complete Sensor Solution

Key Components

Wireless Sensors

Ultra-small wireless sensors that can be installed anywhere

Cloud Connector

Plug-and-play gateway that connects sensors to the Internet

Cloud Solution

Secure cloud solution for storing sensor data and transforming it into insights

Developer Platform

Platform to integrate sensor data into your app or IT system

Sensor Platform

Our sensor platform is built to be able to sense virtually anything.
Our current sensors can sense touch, proximity and temperature.

We will soon add new types of sensors with exciting capabilities like water detection. Interested in a specific sensor?

Which sensors do you need?

Sensor Temperature
Sensor Touch
Sensor Proximity
Sensor More to come!

Cloud and Developer Platform

We have created a secure cloud solution for storing, managing and transforming sensor data into insights. Our developer platform allows you to integrate sensor data into your app or IT system.


A complete and user-friendly application for managing large-scale sensor systems.

Developer Platform

A platform to integrate your sensor data with any app or IT system. We offer complete APIs and client libraries for most programming languages.

Facility Manager

A mobile demo app to try our solution. Use our code to build your own mobile app.


A tool to easily set up and verify your solution. Create virtual sensors for integration testing.