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Maximize office space and plan space allocation with DisruptiveTechnologies sensors

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DT sensors provide data to increase revenue potential for real estate companies and ensure tenants have the right space for their needs. Occupancy detection sensors can decrease building operating costs by 18%, all while maintaining individual privacy.

Effectively use office spaces

In a typical office building:

  • 50% of assigned offices are underutilized
  • 50% of seats in meeting rooms for more than eight people go unused
  • 40% of scheduled meetings don’t happen
  • 30 minutes per week, per employee, are wasted trying to locate available meeting rooms [i]

Sensors allow you to effectively allocate space and decrease a building's operation costs by 18%.

[i] Source: Knoll Workplace Research

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Effectively use office spaces

Telecommuting and conferencing services have changed the workplace. Companies are paying for space, services and energy they don’t need. Using a data-driven approach, you can better understand employee working styles to accurately measure and allocate space capacity. Workers can also choose available desks or meeting rooms with the touch of a button.

Better data for better planning

Commercial real estate companies can give their tenants insights into how work space is used so they can make data-backed decisions. If less space is required, they can reduce their footprint and save on rent, equipment, services and energy costs. If more is needed, they can confidently acquire square footage.



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