Telia and Disruptive Technologies Partner Up: Aim to Make IoT Available to All

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BERGEN (Norway), March 27, 2017 – Telia Norway and the Norwegian company Disruptive Technologies enter a powerful partnership that paves the way for digitalization. Together the two companies will be the first in the world with a toolkit that makes it easy for others to explore the value of IoT.

Disruptive Technologies is a Norwegian company with international ambitions who develop end-to-end sensor solutions tailor-made for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their complete sensor solution is unique when it comes to size, capabilities and prize. Last autumn they won the Norwegian Tech Awards, and it is predicted that the company will have a bright future.

“For Telia, it is very interesting and inspiring to collaborate with Disruptive Technologies”, says Jon Christian Hillestad, CTO in Telia Norway. “Their high ambitions to make IoT available to all and to dominate the Internet of Things worldwide match our own ambitions very well. We are speeding up our journey from being a pure telco company to becoming a technology company, and we want to enable others to create value with digitalization. With our partnership with Disruptive Technologies, we can really help the world realize the huge potential that lies in IoT.”

Disruptive Technologies make sensors the size of stamps, with built-in processing, radio communication and a battery life of up to 15 years. The ambition is to sell billions of sensors to a market that will be enormous, as machine-to-machine communication will increasingly dominate the internet.

“With such a tremendous scope of opportunities and the great demand that we see, we are completely dependent on innovative and courageous companies like Telia to bring IoT to the masses,” says Erik Fossum Færevaag, CEO of Disruptive Technologies. “While Telia is in the very forefront with their IoT cloud solution Purple Pipe, we have created the tool to deliver measurements from the real world. Together we deliver a complete platform for digitalization.”

Toolbox for IoT

The combination of Disruptive Technologies’ first class sensor solution and Telia’s open platform ( creates unique possibilities for everyone who wants to create value with IoT. “We aim for a long-term strategic partnership with Disruptive Technologies. To start with, we will include Disruptive Technologies’ sensor technology as a new component in our open platform, Sensing as a Service. At the same time, we will launch a new product together, ‘IoT Developer Kit’, which combines Disruptive Technologies’ sensor technology with Telia’s platform services such as Identity, Trust as a Service and Purple Pipe,” Hillestad explains. IoT Developer Kit is a toolbox for developers that enable a range of innovative solutions within IoT. It is easy to use, affordable and lowers the threshold for anyone wanting to explore the values of IoT. The toolbox will contain a set of sensors where developers can choose what kind of sensors they want to include, Cloud Connector and access to Telia’s platform services like Identity, Consent Management, Purple Pipe and Purple Insights.

“Telia quickly realized that this is a new and important tool for the world, and together we will speed up and become the first in the world with a product like this,” Færevaag says. Telia Norway continue to expand their partner network, and already have partners within the fields of agriculture, parking, boating and clean air, among others. Telia’s CTO believes partnerships have a powerful potential that can really speed up the digitalization of our society going forward. “Together with partners like Disruptive Technologies we will make IoT technology available for all. Creating value with IoT has never been easier,” Hillestad says.

About Telia Norway

Telia Company is the second largest supplier of mobile services in Norway and offers a complete range of services for businesses and consumers. The services are marketed under the Telia, Chess, OneCall and MyCall brands. The company has a nationwide mobile network and a complete range of mobile services for consumers and businesses. The company has successfully developed mobile solutions for businesses and households that replace traditional fixed communication, and the company is a driving force in the ongoing migration from fixed to mobile services.

About Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies is a Norwegian technology company positioned within the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) market and develops ultra small sensor nodes with unprecedented performance and characteristics primed to enter into and expand the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and Industry 4.0. Disruptive Technologies aims to be the foremost technology provider for connecting any “thing” to the Internet and has a global market perspective with offices in Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, London, Paris and Mûnich.