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Real-world data put in good use

Remote Monitoring

With smart sensors, you will have data to detect and diagnose potential problems in all of your buildings, no matter where you are. The more information you have, the more prepared you will be to prevent accidents, equipment malfunctions, fires and other costly issues.

Legionella Compliance

Legionella found in water systems is potentially fatal. A water safety scare can shut down a building or put a company out of business. Temperature tracking is critical to meeting health and safety standards and now you can do this with remote temperature sensors.

Cold Storage, Food Safety and Food Waste

Spoiled food is unsafe for customers and expensive for owners. Manually monitoring temperature is time consuming. Remote temperature sensors help you maintain proper conditions while saving time and money and will reduce the risk of food waste.

Cold Storage for Pharmaceuticals

Over 20% of temperature-sensitive drugs are damaged before they reach patients because they aren’t kept at the appropriate temperature. Mini IoT sensors can fit anywhere, will monitor remotely, ensure temperatures are correct and alert you if conditions change. With these sensors you can be proactive and have a remote refrigerator temperature monitor in minutes.

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Space Occupancy

Do you need more space? Less space? Do you need to sign a lease for a bigger office or need more desks? Maybe it is just about knowing how the space is being used. Understand occupancy and spatial use without violating peoples privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Case studies have shown that full visibility into temperature, occupancy, open doors and windows, building use and water waste can quickly optimise your energy use. This sensor technology turns any building into an efficient and smart building.

Smart Cleaning
Smart Cleaning

No one can dispute the importance of clean bathrooms and offices. But, how often is cleaning required? If bathrooms aren’t used, why clean them? If people complain, a few more visits are needed. Easily know when and where to clean.

Ambient Temperature

“Too hot.” “Too cold.” Facilities and Office Managers hear these complaints every day. Have the data you need to ensure the temperature in the building is comfortable and your HVAC system is functioning properly. The result? Cost savings and happy, productive employees, tenants and customers.

Feedback and support

Customize the Disruptive Technologies smart touch sensor as buttons to act as a feedback panel, service button or survey for your customers or tenants.

Fire Safety
Fire Safety

Commercial real estate fires cause thousands of injuries, hundreds of deaths, and billions of dollars in repairs and insurance costs for building owners and their tenants each year. Smoke detectors aren’t sufficient to keep your building safe and manual checks are resource intensive. Monitor the temperature remotely and receive real time alerts and notifications.

Leak Detection

Finding water under refrigerators is usually the first indication of a failing unit. Detect a leak before water pools on the floor, preventing accidents, securing safety and liability, and alerting you to leaky fridges and chillers before it’s too late. Wireless sensors provide full visibility over multiple locations.

Predictive Maintenance

With IoT sensors you can fix problems before they are critical and easily extend the lifetime of your infrastructure. Power companies reduce outages and lower costs, Facility Managers track assets and monitor temperature & humidity. Real-time data alerts you before the problems occur.

Safety and Security

Know when doors, windows and cupboards are open and closed. Great for restaurants, schools, offices and hospitals. Receive alerts and set notifications to suit your needs.

Smart Substations

Power distribution companies have hundreds of thousands of assets in energy substations. Monitoring and maintaining the equipment to avoid damage to the power grid is critical. With tiny and robust sensors this is now easy and scalable. When cables wear out or split due to overheating they can cause fires. Replacing them is a major expense. Be alerted before the fire happens.


Quickly set up sensors to monitor water waste, energy efficiency and how space is being used. A few easy steps can make a big difference in sustainability

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