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Meet the team behind the technology, working to create innovative solutions that deliver true value for our customers. And if you like what you see, join us!

Our Story

Disruptive Technologies was started in Norway by a team of semiconductor experts specialized in low-power, high-end technology. They understood that big data doesn’t always require big devices. The result was groundbreaking tiny sensors that opened the door for unprecedented simplicity and scalability in IoT.

The founding team set out to do what no one thought they could, creating tiny sensors with a fifteen-year battery life to simplify collecting data from assets and speed up the adoption of the Internet of Things.

Today, Disruptive Technologies is a global force, powering smart solutions for partners and end-users in workplace management, cold chain management, and energy optimization.

Our commitment remains the same: to innovate, inspire, and deliver high-quality, low-power IoT solutions designed for simplicity and sustainability.

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Working at
Disruptive Technologies

Our culture is one of empowerment, innovation, and collaboration. We have an exceptional Employee Net Promoter score and an impressive list of stories of teams going above and beyond.

"I love that I have the ownership and trust to make a real impact. We're a small company doing a lot of things and everyone can contribute."

- Maja Markusson, Embedded Engineer

A Culture of Empowerment

Making something special takes people who are dedicated and empowered. We encourage collaboration, ownership, and a spirit of innovation, ensuring that each member contributes to our success and thrives in their role.

Creating True Value

As part of our team, you will create and market products that deliver real value to our customers and partners. You will feel a genuine sense of accomplishment when you hear the excellent feedback from our customers firsthand.

"I love bringing a solution to the market that is drastically different from anything else out there. Solving real customer problems is hugely rewarding."

- Noah Powers, Sales Director

"After five years, I’m still amazed by how well our products work. But of course, there is an insane amount of work that goes into making something 'just work'."

- Håvard Mellbye, IoT Systems Engineer

Through Dedication & Collaboration

Our team members go the extra mile every single day: supporting each other, challenging one another, and working together to make our products and customer experience the best they can be.