Our mission

We create a radically simple and secure sensor solution that delivers useful insights to customers, enabling more sustainable, safe and efficient operations.


sustainability award 2021-1

disruptive technologies verdantix award

EU Seal of excellence



Our story.

Building on a successful Norwegian tech industry

A powerhouse of innovation

The building blocks for Disruptive Technologies were formed in 2013 by a group of experts with decades of experience in low-power, high-end semiconductors. Our team has since grown to include industry leaders in sales, production, marketing, and cloud computing.

A truly disruptive technology

From the microchips that power the sensors to the communication protocol and Cloud service that securely manage sensor data, we have innovated the entire system through patented technology to deliver unprecedented battery life in a tiny form.



About Disruptive Technologies.

Disruptive Technologies (DT) is a Norwegian tech company and the award-winning developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and IoT infrastructure. These tiny, robust, affordable, and adaptable sensors are designed to reach an ever greater number of operational components, making buildings intelligent and sustainable, in minutes.

Our leading-edge partners build different solutions on our sensor platform for offices, buildings, retail, hospitals, food service, and more. Together, we enable facilities managers to maximize space and keep tenants happy, pharmacists to ensure drugs don't spoil, and engineers to protect assets. From desk occupancy to smart cleaning, we're connecting people and information to deliver Connected Change™.



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To turn our innovative vision to reality and deliver value to all operations, we look for individuals who are the best in their field and do not shy away from diving into unexplored technological territories.



To make our technology accessible to all customers, we go the extra mile on design, ease of use and installation and always create a “wow” factor. We partner with best in class and believe commercial success is a result of collaboration.



Our robust solution allows for the optimization of all operations, thus reducing waste across processes and saving energy. Everything we do is designed to make a difference and have a positive impact.



Providing disruptive IoT solutions and bringing value to operations can only be sustainable if we lead with honesty, integrity and transparency, and pay attention to people, planet, and profit.

Management team.

Bengt Johannes Lundberg
Chief Executive Officer

Bengt has more than 16 years of international operations experience in the telecom industry. He has held numerous global positions within the operations area, and was Executive Vice President Global Operations at Eltek before joining Disruptive Technologies.

chris johnson
Chris Johnson
VP Americas

From guiding new starts-ups to working with the largest privately held company in the U.S., Chris has successfully scaled multiple new ventures. He previously helped build Georgia-Pacific’s Connected Solution team and scale Better World Books’ e-commerce business.

Erik Fossum Færevaag
Founder & CFO 

Erik has a strong background in the semiconductor industry, architecting the world's lowest power microcontroller EFR32 and the world's fastest-growing ISM band radio ICs. He founded Disruptive Technologies in 2013 and keeps recruiting the best people in the industry.

Julian Veisdal
VP Product

Julian was the co-founder and CEO of Moon Labs, a medical device IoT company until its acquisition. Before founding Moon Labs, Julian worked as a hardware and software consultant for various industries, ranging from space technology to electric vehicles.

Pippa Boothman
VP Marketing & Communications

Pippa has more than 15 years of global sales and marketing experience in technology and apparel. Her expertise is growing brands and taking them to market. She was previously VP Marketing & Communications at Airthings.

Thomas Sjøberg
VP Business Development

Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in the Oil & Gas and Software industry and 15 years of international experience. He has held numerous global Executive positions and was previously CEO at Salcon Petroleum Services.

Thomas Caspersen
Thomas Caspersen

Thomas is a senior sales executive with extensive experience from Netnordic, Global Connect, Atea, Pixie, Cisco and Motorola. Before joining Disruptive Technologies, he was Commercial Director at Netnordic.

Øystein Moldsvor
VP Engineering

Øystein has more than 20 years of experience in leading roles within the semiconductor industry. He was a co-founder and CTO in Arctic Silicon Devices and R&D Director for data converters in Nordic Semiconductor ASA.

Board of Directors.

sigvart (1)
Sigvart Voss Eriksen
Chairman of the Board

Sigvart is an investor and advisor focusing on Norwegian technology scale-ups with international ambitions. He has a background working as a commercial executive in various telecom operations across Asia and Europe. In 2020, he concluded his tenure as CEO of New York based ad tech company, Tapad, when the company was acquired by Experian. He holds several board positions while running his own investment company.

Kjell Skappel
Board Member

Kjell is CEO of private investment companies TD Veen AS and Stavanger Venture AS. Previously, he was Regional Director Europe North at Cisco Systems and held several leadership positions at unified communications leader Tandberg, which was acquired by Cisco Systems.

kristin (3)
Kristin S. Huuse
Board Member

Kristin has 15 years of experience in leadership and management. She is leading innovation initiatives in CX CTO at Cisco, where she was previously a board member.

Merethe N. Jørgensen
Board Member

Merethe is the CFO of the private investment company Firda. Previously, she was a Managing Director at Texas Instruments. 

OJ Winge
Board Member

OJ Winge leads Ubon Partners, together with Fredrik Halvorsen. Among other successes, they are known for making Tandberg the leading global player within the video conferencing industry. OJ now serves as Senior Vice President at Cisco. Previously, he was CEO of Acano, an Ubon Partners portfolio company recently sold to Cisco.


Erik Fossum Færevaag

Erik has a strong background in the semiconductor industry, architecting the world's lowest power microcontroller EFR32 and the world's fastest-growing ISM band radio ICs. He founded Disruptive Technologies in 2013 and keeps recruiting the best people in the industry.

geir førre
Geir Førre

Geir is a serial entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of Chipcon and Energy Micro, two successful semiconductor companies focused on radio chips and micro-processors. Today Geir is an active technology investor, investing in Norway-based technology companies with global leadership ambitions..