Easy-to-Deploy Wireless Sensors & Infrastructure

Understand how and when buildings and assets are used with easy-to-implement IoT sensors and infrastructure.

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Peel and Stick Installation

Install a sensor in seconds or thousands in one day—no glue, screws, or time-consuming pairing required.

Fully Scalable

Scale from a few sensors to thousands with just one gateway. Add new sensor types using same network infrastructure.

15 Year Battery Life

Up to 15 years of uninterrupted, efficient operation, made possible by our proprietary semi-conductor.

Cloud Connector

Plug and Play Gateway

The Cloud Connector is the gateway that relays sensor data to the Cloud via cellular or Ethernet connection. There is no setup required. Simply plug it in and start collecting data from all nearby sensors.

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Supports up to 10,000 Sensors
A single Cloud Connector can relay data from thousands of sensors at one time.
Excellent Wireless Coverage
Cover a large area within a building. Sensors roam freely between Cloud Connectors.
Plug and Play Simplicity
The Cloud Connector receives data from nearby sensors as long as it is plugged in.
Designed for Developers

Add Data to Your Application With a Few Lines of Code

Webhook - A simple, reliable method of forwarding data your service.
REST API - Effortlessly integrate sensor data through our APIs.

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What Customers Love About Our Technology

Customers and partners love the simplicity, reliability, and ease of use of our sensors, software, and APIs. Here's what a few of them had to say.

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"We don't have one sensor that has lost power during the years we have used them. We are also very happy with the long battery life, and no maintenance is required."
Tore Sundby
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
"The small, sleek sensors from Disruptive Technologies give us a competitive advantage. Without them, there are buildings we wouldn't have been able to work with."
James Hannah
"Disruptive Technologies has developed the most unique, compelling, and robust sensor technology in the market and is way ahead of its competition."
Jan Holm
"The form factor and ease of installation is truly unique and will allow our customers to deploy solutions and gain valuable insights much faster than previously possible."
Theo Barnard
Industry Leading Platform

Our Technology Advantage

Cutting-edge technology allows us to create the design features that set us apart from the rest.

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Sensors
Worry-free operation, year after year.
No Pairing or Commissioning
Sensors roam freely between Cloud Connectors.
We Built Our Own Chip
To be able to deliver our industry leading battery life.
Cellular Connectivity
We work with network operators to deliver robust cellular connectivity.
End-to-end encryption from sensors to the cloud.

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