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We offer the easiest-to-deploy, most reliable wireless Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring solution designed to give you the data you need to optimize heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

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Save Energy with Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Use wireless sensors to retrofit buildings and optimize heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

Optimize Energy Usage in a Building

Reduce energy consumption by optimizing ventilation, heating and cooling with real-time data from wireless sensors.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Prevent headaches, respiratory issues and fatigue by ensuring a healthy environment.

Reduce Hot & Cold Complaints

Use temperature data to discover where a building has heating or cooling problems.

How Does it Work?

We make it easy to collect the data needed to optimize building energy usage.

Understand When There Are People in the Building

Use occupancy data to schedule heating, cooling and air flow to run while the building is being used.

Measure Indoor Air Quality

Use CO2, temperature, and humidity data from IAQ sensors to understand whether rooms are over or under-ventilated.

Manual Actions

Use insights from Studio to manually adjust heating, cooling and ventilation

Integrate with BMS

Move to demand controlled ventilation (DCV) by integrating data with Building Management Systems

API integrations

Success Stories

Discover how our customers and partners benefit from using data from CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensors.

How NYC Apartment Building Saves $40K Annually with HVAC Monitoring

Discover how a New York apartment building optimized its HVAC system by implementing an advanced control system and wireless temperature sensors.

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"The small, sleek sensors from Disruptive Technologies give us a competitive advantage. Without them, there are buildings we wouldn't have been able to work with."

James Hannah

How Grosvenor Group Optimized Energy Consumption In West End Estates

Demand Logic installed the Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors to measure building temperature and lower the energy consumption of Grosvenor Group's building portfolio.

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"The reliability and price point of the Disruptive Technologies hardware, with the deployment-friendly interface have been a complete game changer for us."

Nick Smith
Demand Logic

How Sundvolden Hotel Reduced Energy Use and Saved 1GWh

Using data from our wireless sensors, Energy Control provided the insights Sundvolden Hotel needed to optimize its HVAC systems, reducing energy savings significantly.

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"We've had an exceptional partnership with Disruptive Technologies. Their sensors work perfectly, but what truly sets them apart is their commitment to going above and beyond to help."

Tommy Hagenes
Energy Control

Unlike Any Energy Optimization Solution You've Seen Before

In the past, retrofitting buildings with sensors for energy optimization was cost-prohibitive. Our solution offers an affordable and easy-to-deploy alternative that requires minimal maintenance and integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Easy to deploy

Wireless sensors make it easy and cost-effective to retrofit a building compared to wired solutions.
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Legacy systems often rely on wired sensors, which require costly construction work for installation. If the building layout changes, relocating or adding new sensors can be prohibitively expensive.

Disruptive Technologies

Our sensors are fully wireless and offer an extensive range of up to 250 meters to the gateway, enabling cost-effective installation processes. Their wireless design makes it easy to relocate them if there are changes in the building's layout.

No maintenance

Reduce unnecessary site visits by remotely monitoring sensor data in the cloud.
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On-premise systems require technicians to physically visit the site to perform software updates, alarm checks, and troubleshooting of issues that may arise.

Disruptive Technologies

Sensor data is continuously accessible remotely, and the cloud-based solution is monitored 24/7 for any issues. Product enhancements and security patches are updated automatically.

Open APIs

Integrate the data into any system and avoid vendor lock-in.
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The data provided by the supplier is restricted to their proprietary software solution and cannot be utilized with other systems, limiting its interoperability and flexibility.

Disruptive Technologies

Sensor data can be seamlessly integrated into any other system using our REST API or webhooks, provided at no additional cost. This offers flexibility and ease of use for various applications.

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A Beginner's Guide to The Internet of Things (IoT)

If you're considering implementing an IoT sensor solution for the first time, our free eBook, A Beginner's Guide to the Internet of Things (IoT), offers the perfect introduction.

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