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The Easy Way To Understand Occupancy

Effortlessly understand how office spaces are used. With data from wireless desk and motion sensors, you can analyze usage, optimize layouts, and design a productive, energy-efficient work environment.

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A Better Workplace

Easily collect all the data you need to design, maintain, and manage office spaces efficiently, resulting in increased productivity, collaboration, and energy savings.

Optimize Office Layouts

Understand how many desks and meeting rooms you need to run your workplace efficiently and cost-effectively.

Reduce Running Costs

Redesign or reduce space that is underutilized to lower operational costs.

Streamline Cleaning Procedures

Use occupancy data to drive smart cleaning and maintenance.

Maximize Real-Estate Performance

Understand precisely how buildings are used to optimize floorplans, reduce wasted space, and negotiate leasing contracts.

How Does it Work?

Wireless sensors anonymously gather occupancy data from desks and meeting rooms, which is securely stored in the cloud to provide insights into how office spaces are used.

Understand Room Usage

Wireless motion sensors mounted on the ceiling detect the presence of people in a room or space.

Understand Desk Occupancy

Discrete desk occupancy sensors are installed underneath the table top to detect when a person is sitting there.

Understand Door Usage

Wireless door and window sensors monitor door and window activity to identify usage patterns, frequency, and anomalies.

Analyze Insights

Get instant access to sensor data in our web application, Studio, via user-friendly dashboards for easy analysis.

DT Studio web application

Integrate Sensor Data

Build a solution on top of our open APIs or integrate data into your workplace management systems.

API integrations

Success Stories

Discover how our customers benefit from understanding workplace usage and how our partners
build occupancy data into their solutions.

Digitalization of Former Berlin Airport Aided by Planon & Disruptive Technologies

Discover how Planon and Disruptive Technologies aided Tegel Projekt GmbH in achieving efficient space and workplace services management.

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"The DT sensors allow for a plug & play installation, which is ideal for our existing buildings. Within no time, we started collecting the first reliable data and using it for our analysis."

Nico Laser
Tegel Projekt GmbH

How Norwegian University Reduced Labor Costs with Sensor Technology

Discover how Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NIH) optimized cleaning efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved environmental hygiene by using our wireless sensors for real-time monitoring.

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"We don't have one sensor that has lost power during the years we have used them. We are also very happy with the long battery life, and no maintenance is required."

Tore Sundby
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

How Planon and Disruptive Technologies Create Sustainable and Effective Workplaces

Planon's Workplace Insights software and the Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors help businesses achieve their ESG goals and improve operational efficiency.

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"With an ultra-small physical profile, rapid deployment, low cost-of-ownership, and long life, we can use Disruptive Technologies sensors in applications where other technologies are impractical."

Job van Barneveld

Unlike Any Other Occupancy Solution

Systems for understanding workplace occupancy can be expensive, intrusive, and unnecessarily complex. We have designed our Space Occupancy Solution with simplicity, privacy, and ease in mind.

Easy to Deploy

Don't be put off by costly installations, intrusive wiring, and complicated setups. There is a simpler way.
With others

Solutions that require wiring, screws, and gateway pairing drive up costs and effort. Their lack of flexibility means that any changes in your setup will require reconfiguration and downtime.

Disruptive Technologies

Install a sensor in seconds, or thousands in a day. Peel-and-stick design requires no wiring, no screws, and no gateway pairing. Sensors stick seamlessly to any surface, saving time and money during installation.

Discreet & Anonymous

If you have concerns about data security or privacy, rest assured that the data our sensors collect is anonymous, private, and protected.
With others

Other technologies may use images and personal data; employees may worry about being watched or data misuse. These valid concerns can hinder technology implementation and acceptance.

Disruptive Technologies

We use temperature and motion data to determine how spaces are used without collecting unique identifiers. Discreet sensors create a workspace that feels private and surveillance-free.

Low Cost-of-Ownership

It's not just the upfront investment costs that matter. It is important to consider a system's total cost of ownership.
With others

Other wireless technologies often have a short battery life, requiring frequent replacement and re-pairing. This need for regular maintenance increases the total cost of running the solution.

Disruptive Technologies

Our sensors work reliably for up to 15 years without maintenance for low cost of ownership over time. Although batteries might seem cheap, the costs quickly accumulate if you have a large installed base and need to replace them regularly.

Do You Offer a Workplace Management Solution?

We team up with industry-leading partners to create solutions that bring even more insight and automation to end user operations

The Complete Guide to Understanding Occupancy

Learn how to incorporate occupancy data into a modern workplace strategy. Download our free eBook and start your journey towards a more data-driven workplace.

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