Cold Storage Monitoring Solution

Temperature Monitoring Made Simple

Eliminate manual checks, simplify compliance logging, and reduce the risk of product loss with our easy-to-deploy automated temperature monitoring solution.

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Within limits
All fridge doors are closed
Door & Window Sensor

Easily Manage Product Safety & Compliance

Keep the temperature of cold storage equipment at optimal levels
to ensure product quality and safety, and eliminate loss.

Grocery & Convenience Stores

Enhance food shelf-life, minimize waste, and eliminate the process of manually checking and recording fridge and freezer temperatures.

Food Service

Preserve food quality, reduce waste, and uphold food safety standards in hotels, restaurants, and catering.

Health Care

Ensure the integrity and safety of medical products, maintaining compliance and patient safety.

How Does it Work?

Discrete wireless sensors continuously monitor equipment temperature. The data is accessed in our web-based application and easily integrated with work order management systems.

Continuous Temperature Monitoring of Cold Storage Equipment

Automatically monitor and log the temperature of fridges, freezers, and cold rooms.

Fridge and Freezer Door Monitoring

Remotely monitor the door activity of fridges and freezers to understand whether they are open, closed, or ajar.

DT Studio iPhone notifications

Instant Notifications

Receive an alert if the temperature deviates from a defined range to take timely action.

Analyze Insights

Easily analyze sensor data in
our web-application, Studio.

Integrate Sensor Data

Build a solution on top of our APIs or integrate data into your
existing cold chain management solution.

API integrations

Success Stories

Discover how our customers benefit from automated temperature monitoring
and how our partners build temperature data into their solutions.

RaceTrac Doubles Down on Food Safety with Next-Generation Temperature Monitoring

RaceTrac has deployed the Disruptive Technologies automated temperature monitoring solution across its 580 locations, highlighting its commitment to using technology to improve the customer experience and operational effectiveness.

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"When we tried other systems, we experienced higher failure rates and lower battery life than expected. The performance of the Disruptive Technologies sensors was simply better."

Chase Roth

How Infogrid Helped NHS Secure Vaccine & Drug Stocks and Enhance Patient Safety

Regularly checking vaccine and drug storage temperatures is insufficient to detect temperature changes, posing a risk to patient safety. Infogrid used our wireless sensors to address these problems for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) by developing an automated cold storage monitoring system.

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"The Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors are tiny, have a 15-year battery life, and require no setup or maintenance, resulting in powerful data and alerts that are up and running in minutes."

William Cowell de Gruchy

How Catering & Restaurant Company Enhanced Operational Efficiency Using IoT Sensors

Ospelt Catering enhanced food safety, reduced costs, and improved customer service by implementing our innovative technology in cold storage management.

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"We no longer have to carry out and file temperature records by hand. With around 175 cooling devices, this is a cost factor that will amortize the acquisition costs in the first 6 months."

Phillip Mooseburger
Ospelt Catering

How the City of Oslo Used Wireless Temperature Sensors to Ensure the Quality of COVID-19 Vaccines

Norwegian municipalities used wireless temperature sensors from Disruptive Technologies to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines were kept at the required temperature levels.

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"This project was critical to the successful distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, and the solution significantly reduced the risk of decreasing vaccine quality during transport and storage."

Harald Sundt-Ohlsen
Oslo Agency for Health / City of Oslo

Unlike Any Other Temperature Monitoring Solution

Our solution makes it easy to remotely monitor temperature, ensuring a hassle-free experience from easy installation to dependable data.

Easy to deploy

Quick, hassle-free installation makes getting started with remote temperature monitoring easy.
With others

Other solutions may require wiring, screws for mounting, and gateway pairing, significantly increasing installation effort. Bulky hardware is exposed to damage and may get in the way of product placement.

Disruptive Technologies

Peel-and-stick sensors adhere to any surface, communicating wirelessly without setup or pairing. Simply plug in the gateway to begin data collection. This streamlined approach significantly reduces the cost and effort of installation.

Reliable data

Eliminate false alarms during normal operation, and ensure that no data is lost if the system loses connection to the cloud.
With others

If a system goes down during a power outage, data from that time will be lost. False alarms, caused by normal temperature rises distract personnel and make it more likely that the message will be ignored in the case of a real issue.

Disruptive Technologies

If the connection to the cloud is lost, our sensors can store up to 100,000 data records offline for full data access. To avoid nuisance alerts, a built-in buffer ensures that personnel receive notifications only when the products inside are at risk.

No maintenance over 15 years

When comparing temperature monitoring solutions, it is important to factor in maintenance requirements and total cost of ownership.
With others

Sensors that are not designed specifically for cold storage environments are often damaged by ice or water or because they are knocked out of place. Regular battery changes quickly add up in terms of time and expense.  

Disruptive Technologies

Low temperatures can reduce battery life. Our sensors capture data for up to 15 years at temperatures down to -200°C / -328°F. IP68-rated design protects the sensors from damage or displacement, eliminating maintenance entirely.

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