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By joining strengths and combining our best-in-class sensors with your innovative software solutions, we can create even more value for customers.

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Build your solution using Disruptive Technologies data.

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Stand out from the crowd with tiny, wireless sensors your customers will love: powerful, discrete, and designed to last.

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Enjoy special pricing agreements that evolve based on how much you buy.

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We have partners who have created an entire business from our data. Use our products to build a solution with minimal additional investment.

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Getting set up with our products couldn't be simpler. Incorporate sensor data into your solution seamlessly with our open, user-friendly APIs.

24/7 Equipment Monitoring

Rest easy knowing that we continuously monitor our installed base. We promptly alert you in case of issues so you can take timely customer action.

Expert Support

Our professional Customer Success Team provides proactive onboarding and installation support, while our Technical Support Team is at hand to address any issues that arise.


What Our Partners Say About Us

From easy-to-install products to open integration and user-friendly documentation, our goal is to simplify the partner experience every step of the way.

"The form factor and ease of installation is truly unique and will allow our customers to deploy solutions and gain valuable insights much faster than previously possible."
Theo Barnard
"We build solutions for the sustainable use of buildings. The Disruptive Technologies foundation gives us trustworthy and affordable data from sensors that can be instantly deployed."
Hans Kristian Grani
"I'm a big fan of these tiny sensors because the technology just works without any problems. That is why they are an integral component of the Klüh Eco System for Smart Services."
Felix Fiedler
Klüh MultiServices
"The Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors are tiny, have a 15-year battery life, and require no setup or maintenance, resulting in powerful data and alerts that are up and running in minutes."
William Cowell de Gruchy

Partner Success Stories

How Infogrid Helped NHS Secure Vaccine & Drug Stocks and Enhance Patient Safety

Regularly checking vaccine and drug storage temperatures is insufficient to detect temperature changes, posing a risk to patient safety. Infogrid used our wireless sensors to address these problems for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) by developing an automated cold storage monitoring system.

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"The Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors are tiny, have a 15-year battery life, and require no setup or maintenance, resulting in powerful data and alerts that are up and running in minutes."

William Cowell de Gruchy

How NYC Apartment Building Saves $40K Annually with HVAC Monitoring

Discover how a New York apartment building optimized its HVAC system by implementing an advanced control system and wireless temperature sensors.

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"The small, sleek sensors from Disruptive Technologies give us a competitive advantage. Without them, there are buildings we wouldn't have been able to work with."

James Hannah

How Grosvenor Group Optimized Energy Consumption In West End Estates

Demand Logic installed the Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors to measure building temperature and lower the energy consumption of Grosvenor Group's building portfolio.

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"The reliability and price point of the Disruptive Technologies hardware, with the deployment-friendly interface have been a complete game changer for us."

Nick Smith
Demand Logic

Huge Energy Savings At Factory No. 7 With Only 12 Sensors

Factory no. 7 saw energy savings results thanks to Noova’s system based on their energy consumption meters and only 12 DT sensors installed.

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"Noova unlocks energy data in commercial buildings, empowering both owners and users to take action and create more sustainable operations. DT sensors support our mission of creating a greener world."

Maria Davis
Noova Energy Systems

Sensor-Based Predictive Maintenance of Equipment Installed In Explosive Atmospheres [Ex Certified]

Refineries, process plants, offshore structures & explosive atmospheres can reduce manual inspection and error, increase efficiency, and have safer areas.

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"Disruptive Technologies has developed the most unique, compelling, and robust sensor technology in the market and is way ahead of its competition."

Jan Holm

How Sundvolden Hotel Reduced Energy Use and Saved 1GWh

Using data from our wireless sensors, Energy Control provided the insights Sundvolden Hotel needed to optimize its HVAC systems, reducing energy savings significantly.

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"We've had an exceptional partnership with Disruptive Technologies. Their sensors work perfectly, but what truly sets them apart is their commitment to going above and beyond to help."

Tommy Hagenes
Energy Control

How Planon and Disruptive Technologies Create Sustainable and Effective Workplaces

Planon's Workplace Insights software and the Disruptive Technologies wireless sensors help businesses achieve their ESG goals and improve operational efficiency.

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"With an ultra-small physical profile, rapid deployment, low cost-of-ownership, and long life, we can use Disruptive Technologies sensors in applications where other technologies are impractical."

Job van Barneveld

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